Indian Brass …Floral Friday

I was in the mood to clean up some bright-work around the house this week. So out came the bottle of “Brasso” polishing compound. It’s my go-to cleaner for non food use metal. After cleaning up some stainless steel bathroom and kitchen trim, it was time to tackle some brass vases from India.

The sturdy cylindrical vase had become unsightly due to uneven tarnishing around fingerprints. It cleaned up reasonably well, but I decided to leave some discoloration alone because it was very stubborn. The embossed iris design inspired the selection of small yellow irises with wild grass notes.

I did not use “Brasso” nor any other harsh chemicals on the small, lacquered vase due to the fragile nature of the finish and delicate hand decorations. A gentle rinsing and wiping with a microfiber cloth sufficed. A camilia stem and a fern enhance the sophisticated vase.

The robust “Made in India” urn-style vase took to the metal polish very well. I decided to compliment the rich brass color with a trio of California poppies. The result is a pleasing summertime arrangement.

The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes author, politician Shashi Tharoor. “In India, we celebrate the commonality of major differences; we are a land of belonging rather than of blood.”

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3 Responses to Indian Brass …Floral Friday

  1. GP Cox says:

    These are quite elegant!

  2. As always, you’ve got the touch!

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