Winning At All Costs

Scrolling through my Facebook feed this morning, An old Vladimir Putin meme showed up. My body involuntarily shivered at the sight.

My understanding of the biographies I’ve read about Putin, is that he is a ruthless man who will stop at nothing to achieve his political goals. He honed his skills in the old Soviet KGB as a master agent. He often stated that his primary goal will always be to crush the United States of America. He has frequently stated his desire to have Russia dominate the world.

As a KGB agent and in his capacity as head of its modern day successor agency, the FSB (Federal Security Bureau), Putin has never abandoned that goal. He is still a sworn adversary of the United States. Putin does not have our back. He has often admitted that he is a win at all costs kind of man. He’s an old school Soviet warrior who has kept his nose to the grindstone to keep himself relevant to the modern world. When Putin makes threats, I take him at his word.

The winning at all costs people are worth observing because they are interesting characters. We have the extreme political examples such as Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, and Putin. There are more benign people like the boxers Sugar Ray Robinson and Muhammad Ali. There is Lockheed Martin CEO Marillyn Hewson, and the noteworthy Elon Musk.

These examples demonstrate that the need to win at all costs is a strong desire that can be channeled towards destructive or constructive ends. One difference is whether the person is fighting to achieve personal glory at the expense of someone else–win/no win or if that person is fighting for the benefit of everyone–win/win.

The most extreme cases of winning at all costs imply amorality. The earmarks are cheating, fraud, abuse, bullying, assault, torture, deception, theft, rape, and murder. In other words, ultimately, winning at any cost means you take whatever prize you want by steamrolling over anything and anyone in your path with no scruples.

I mention this topic because of the need to be aware that people who must win at all costs can show up in our personal lives in one way or another. In society at large, there are many thousands of people who, in their hunger for power and wealth, are deceitful and ruthless. There is no need to feel paranoid about this fact, but it is to our advantage to know that it is possible to run into folks who want to win at all costs.

A major bit of wisdom to remember is to not place in high esteem people we do not know intimately. Use calm discernment when determining who to admire and trust, even if they seem to agree with our opinions about life. We benefit by being objective and mindful regarding our colleagues, celebrities, and our leaders. Are they aggressive and predatory or are they assertive?

I give everyone the benefit of the doubt when first meeting them but I remain observant and careful, too. There is something else I learned the hard way–be especially observant about those who desire to win at all costs. Being careful without being paranoid is a sensible attitude.

The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes pro golfer Nancy Lopez. “Successful competitors want to win. Head cases want to win at all costs.”

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  1. David Davis says:

    Khrushchev: do you miss me yet?

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