Hot Enough For You?

In Nebraska, the greeting, “Hot enough for ya?” replaces “How are you?” or “How about those Cornhuskers?” in the summertime. On especially muggy, hot days I’ll jokingly respond with “No, bring on a heat wave.” My friends and acquaintances know that I prefer cold, wintry days so they forgive my sarcastic retort.

As the summer settled in for it’s annual appearance, I’ve managed to cope and surrender to it as has been the case every year. Now that I’m an older man, there are more concerns and considerations regarding time spent outdoors walking or working. For instance, there are more frequent water breaks. When a day is unusually hot and calm, rescheduling or postponing outdoors chores is best.

“A change in the weather is sufficient to recreate the world and ourselves.”–Marcel Proust

Since summer heat is inevitable, I’ve learned to look at the big picture and remember that I’m incapable of controlling the weather. The heat is a meditation in patience. The only environmental temperature controls I have are the air conditioning thermostats in the house and the car. It’s helpful to remember that a heat wave isn’t bad weather, it’s just different weather. It’s easier to convince myself of that proverb while enjoying the comfort of air conditioning.

My boyfriend has a lower metabolism. He weathers the heat and my dislike of summer effectively. He patiently listens to my griping and drama after crawling under the covers because the air conditioning is too cold. As he has grown older, his answers to the question, “Hot enough for ya?” are more often, “Yes.” Then it’s time for a tall ice water or brisk iced tea. He fully appreciates the air conditioning, during heat waves.

I should feel more cheerful today because the temperature and humidity are predicted to be within my outdoors safe zone for chores. Strategic scheduling of yard work is more important when one gets older.

After I begin the mowing task, I’ll get into the swing of things and begin to actually enjoy being outdoors. I need to start early though. 9:00 is the right time. The neighbors have left for their jobs by then, the dew has evaporated, and the worst heat hasn’t settled in yet. Hopefully there will even be a slight northerly breeze.

Just the thought of a possible breeze has elevated my mood. The relatively cooler weather is best. The cooler the day, the more work I accomplish. So if somebody asks if it’s hot enough for me today, maybe I can truthfully answer, “yes”.

The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes Mark Twain. “Climate is what we expect; weather is what we get.”

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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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