August Avant-Garde …Floral Friday

Two basic materials are the common ingredients for today’s projects: glass for the vases and dried grasses as dominant filler materials. There is plenty of potential variety for these media, so I decided towards the direction of avant-garde instead of tradition. The series of projects was also a matter of complexity gradually going to simplicity. In other words the first is busy with elements, the second is less busy, and the third is simple.

The first vase is fabricated from slabs of stained glass. Various colors of bent dried vegetation have been vertically layered to form a “block”. A California poppy helps the arrangement violate convention.

A standard, rectangular florist’s glass vase displays the extent of mixed media content present here. An antique padlock is surrounded by river stones and potpourri as mechanicals. Dried and silk vegetation work with feathers to complete the composition.

The contemporary glass vase from Poland is filled with shaved grasses and manipulated balsa wood elements. This is today’s theme stripped to its basic essentials.

The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes Soviet pre-existentialist philosopher, writer, and poet, Andrei Platonov. “O masses, o masses! When will you assume the image and likeness of your avant-garde?”

About swabby429

An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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