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Sigma Males?

“Do you know what a Sigma male is?” My friend Jonathan’s question came out of the blue. I replied that I’d heard of Sigma people–mostly Sigma males–from a few pop psychology websites and from a few life coach videos. The … Continue reading

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Unconventional …Floral Friday

The weather was unsettled and caused me to feel the same way. It just so happened that I also wanted to piece together some arrangements in some vintage pottery that’s been sitting on the supply shelf longer than usual. I … Continue reading

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Contemplating Legacy Yet Again

While waiting in a row of cars at the traffic signal earlier this week, I glanced at the older Subaru station wagon in front of me. It was a “Legacy”. It seems like whenever I’m stopped behind one of those … Continue reading

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One of the joys of my next-door neighbor Cody is his unpretentiousness. He’s not crude nor harsh in his observations, in fact, he’s a bit shy. He was born and raised in the tiny Nebraska panhandle village of Lisco. The … Continue reading

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Boyfriend announced that he was zonked so he didn’t want to drive anywhere. Could I drive him on an errand? Of course, I’d help him out. The previous afternoon’s warm sultry conditions had made BF drowsy, so he’d taken a … Continue reading

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It’s Photo Day

I spent part of yesterday afternoon going through photo files in order to choose a photograph to use for World Photo Day. The point of the commemoration is to share one photo on social media that represents an aspect of … Continue reading

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A Wet Year

I like to completely detail and wax the ol’ Camry at least once each year. I prefer to do this during dry spells so I can enjoy the look of a pristine car finish for at least a week; two … Continue reading

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