Salvaged …Floral Friday

The end of the month is near, that means tidying up, and consolidation of stuff. This month I decided to go through some pottery that has seen better days. Could they be used again or would I donate or discard the pieces? I boxed up about a dozen old vases and decor items that just don’t appeal to me any longer. They have been donated to the thrift store. A few, will be used again or repurposed because I changed my mind about them.

The oversize snail planter has been neglected ever since I bought a box of miscellaneous pottery at a farm-estate sale a couple of years ago. The snail just didn’t fit into my earlier plans. The planter features a pottery insert that can be removed for easy clean-up and reuse. A trio of poppies is just the right touch to enhance this funky piece.

The decorated coffee mug is a relatively recent purchase. Unfortunately, some micro-cracks appeared at the bottom surface of the inside of the cup. The flaws make the mug difficult to sanitize. I liked the hand painted flower decoration, so the cup wasn’t tossed into the garbage can. Now it holds a trio of Gerbera daisies. I noticed an old micro-cassette recorder on a nearby shelf. The pairing looks like something that might be seen in a retro-style office.

The square Ikebana dish was probably accidentally placed in the discard pile. This was saved because I never have enough of them. I used another trio of poppies in this Ikebana-inspired arrangement. The three old coins used as accents are a 1939 Australian penny, a 1968 Canadian dollar, and a 1997 British Two Pounds Sterling piece.

The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes Issey Miyake. “The purpose–where I start–is the idea of use. It is not recycling, it’s reuse.”

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