Showing Some Glass Today

The old vinyl mini-blinds were more brittle than egg shells. A wiping with the dusting tool, Thursday morning, caused a couple of vanes to snap into several pieces. That was the wake-up call to finally replace the blinds on all three windows in the music room/den. By afternoon, I had found some replacement blinds and was ready to upgrade the window dressings.

In the process of preparing and cleaning the bare window, I removed the colored glass items that had been placed there as “light catchers”. They were dusty and covered with fine cobwebs. After the blinds were installed, I gently washed the glass knick knacks in warm, soapy water.

The act of mindfully cleaning the objects renewed my appreciation of these small tchotskes. It would be fun to photograph the old thrift store acquisitions with the new Venetian blinds as the background.


Natural sunlight interacts with the facets of the miniature ice-blue, “crackle-glass” pitcher vase.

Does anyone really use paperweights to keep stacks of paper in place anymore? The orange details inside make this paperweight a good candidate for a window ledge light-catcher.

The “primitive” cobalt blue piece is almost opaque. The dark color and the unrefined shape make the tiny vase visually interesting.

The vertical formations within the egg-shaped paperweight distort the reflections of the Venetian blinds. The effect complicates the abstract design motif of this piece of glass.

The “cranberry glass” mini-vase is an obvious light catcher for window decor. Its primitive nature adds visual and tactile interest.

The Blue Jay of Happiness ponders over a saying from billionaire hedge fund manager Ray Dalio. “He who lives by the crystal ball will eat shattered glass.”

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