Sweatshirt Days

I finally got around to hanging my  short sleeved and the aloha shirts to the far end of the closet pole and bringing the heavy-fabric long sleeved shirts within easy reach. Meantime, the polo-style pullovers are packed away, and the sweatshirts are parked where they’re ready to wear.

Sweatshirts are my second-favorite garments, right behind blue jeans. One of the best aspects of autumn, is the cool air that encourages the donning of sweatshirts. At the time of this writing, the outdoor early morning temperature is 42-degrees-Fahrenheit. My torso is encased in a favorite San Jose Sharks, hooded sweatshirt.

The first thing I noticed when putting it on this morning was the laundry detergent scent left over from the spring washing it got before being placed into warm weather storage. The smell is from original formula “Tide”, not any of the detergent’s variants.

After adjusting the elastic waistband and the sleeves’ elastic cuffs, I quickly fold the hood into the shape of a wide collar. I briefly try out the kangaroo pocket (I had to look that up.) With the garment positioned to my liking, my body feels pampered and comfy. I’m ready to begin this beautiful autumn morning.

Sweatshirts are autumn’s equivalent to summer’s tee shirts. They’re appropriate as casual wear, alone, indoors and outdoors. During milder days, there is no need for a jacket. If there’s rain and cooler air, a light jacket will suffice. If you’re wearing a hoodie, the hood is always available to cover the head.

If the weather is variable, I like to put a windbreaker over the hoodie. Some men’s fashion advisors recommend topping a hoodie with a sports coat. That seems a bit over the top, so I’ll leave that fashion trend to the younger men. Pairing a sports coat with a hoodie seems like a fad for the large city and not for the conservative farm states.

When it’s time to run errands during pleasant Fall days, nice sneakers, jeans, sweatshirt, and a baseball-style cap fit the bill. The combo is no fuss, no frill, and ready for almost anything.

Most of the sweatshirts in my closet are plain, without slogans or bold printing on them. There are a few that sport sports team logo sweatshirts that I can wear on game days as an option. There is the teal hockey team shirt I’m wearing now; a couple of 49ers non-hoodie sweatshirts, and a vintage non-hoodie S.F. Giants sweatshirt to wear if the baseball team manages to make it to post-season play.

The plain, unbranded sweatshirts are my autumn and winter staples. They’re rugged, comfortable, and warm. When worn indoors, I’m able to notch the furnace’s thermostat down a degree or two and remain contented.

I used to wear a lot of “Carhartt” sweatshirts because they were manufactured in the United States. Now that their clothing comes from outside the country, I don’t favor them as much anymore. When I wear “Carhartt” I tend towards putting on a vintage, American made garment. These days, all the brands get equal billing, judging by overall fit and pricing. Anyway, most people don’t care what older men wear, as long as we’re neat and clean.

Today’s weather has been predicted to be pleasantly cool. I’m prepared to enjoy the day, dressed my favorite way. It’s blue sneakers, blue jeans, and a favorite blue, hooded sweatshirt. Life is good.

The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes humorist Dave Barry. “Sharks are as tough as those football fans who take their shirts off during games in Chicago in January, only more intelligent.”

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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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2 Responses to Sweatshirt Days

  1. Doug says:

    Sounds like you’re all comfy and ready for the cooler weather. I know how much you like that. The one thing you forgot was a cup of hot chocolate. Mmmmmm. Now, are you ready for the upcoming bitter cold? This may sound strange, but in a few weeks, I’ll be putting the flannel sheets on my bed. Flannel sheets for a desert dweller? You bet!

    • swabby429 says:

      Yep, I’m stocked up on the cocoa. The flannel sheets are ready. I’m still shopping for a snow thrower. I need to change the motor oil in the ol’ Camry this weekend, then I’ll be set.

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