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Getting Close Up

I realized yesterday that I hadn’t yet done anything for National Photographer Appreciation Month. So, I chose some common objects around the house so I could use them as close-up subjects. I don’t have a “light-box” or any dedicated studio … Continue reading

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No Bullying

The ages-old problem of bullying has been getting a lot of necessary press coverage in recent years. Authorities are finally admitting that the bullies and the bullied suffer severe psychological distress for various reasons surrounding this social ill. Today is … Continue reading

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The Freedom To Speak

There’s a not so subtle difference in meaning when the function word “to” is substituted for “of” and the intransitive verb “speak” is substituted in place of the noun “speech”. We Americans know that freedom of speech, of the press, … Continue reading

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Mind The Mind

“Curiosity is the lust of the mind.”–Thomas Hobbes The old Hobbes quote is one that pops up in my mind from time to time. This occurred this morning while observing “Orange” the cat who visits my doorstep nearly every day. … Continue reading

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Chili Time

The autumn weather has been out of whack this October. We’ll have 94 degrees Fahrenheit one day, then 53 the next. There will be long stretches of rain and drizzle, then a day or two with snow showers. We’ve had … Continue reading

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Evaluate, Evaluate

A couple of weeks ago, my Giants ended the regular season with a loss to arch-rival Dodgers. It was a bitter-sweet day for coach Bruce Bochy because it was also his last game of his two-and-a-half-decades long baseball career. Sports … Continue reading

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Tres TrĂ­os …Floral Friday

You might say today’s Floral Friday projects are three on three, or are three projects with trios as the overall theme. Although the number three is an odd number, in physical form, it’s sturdy and stable. Think of a three-legged … Continue reading

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