Have A Bad Day

If you’re having a bad day at home or in the office, maybe a dozen or so folks know. If you’re having a bad day broadcasting on the air, thousands of people know.

One day in particular comes to mind. I had just returned to the studios after having some dental work done to a molar.  My board shift started half-an-hour later. There was no changing places with another staffer because the other announcer familiar with my shift was out sick with the flu.

By airtime, the Novocaine numbness remained strong  but was becoming tingly. I felt awful, and my mouth didn’t want to operate automatically the way normal mouths work. I managed to soldier through the first hour or so, but just barely. I knew that the audience knew my delivery was way off. Several listeners even called the station to complain about me. Bad days like that can live in the memory forever.

Everybody has had some bad days. Have you noticed that bad days can sometimes trigger self-consciousness? On bad days, it feels like the stars and the planets are misaligned against you. Those days you understand the futility of simply thinking positive thoughts. Then you just surrender to the reality that the day is a bad one. Once you get over the feelings of persecution and victimization, you manage to get through the rest of the day.

Anyone who works in direct contact with the public, such as customer service industry personnel, have better than even chances of having bad days almost every day. If you have never worked as a customer service department employee or as a person whose job description entails receiving complaints from the general public, it’s hard to imagine what it’s like to have consecutive bad days.

Regardless of how rudely the customers misbehave and how illegitimate the complaints may be, the employees are expected to end their encounters with the banal phrase, “Have a nice day”.

There is a form of revenge for the passive-aggressive public service workers among us. That is today’s commemoration, “Have a Bad Day Day”. If you have a gripe to make about a company’s products or service don’t be surprised if you are dismissed with a cheerfully delivered “Have a bad day”. If you are a customer service worker or someone who deals directly with the public each day, be aware that telling people to have a bad day carries with it the risk of employment termination.

For those of us who do not work in the service industry, Have a Bad Day Day may still be relevant. We probably know someone who behaves like a narcissistic jerk. Haven’t we wanted to put that bully in his/her place? Someone who deserves to have a bad day can be told to have a bad day. This is a risky proposition, so caution is strongly advised. If push comes to shove, we can always voice the disclaimer that today is Have a Bad Day Day. Let them try to figure out whether or not we’re just being ironic.

The Blue Jay of Happiness ponders a saying from Internet celebrity and cosmetics company entrepreneur, Jeffree Star. “If you wear bold, bright clothes, you can’t have a bad day!”

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