Blue Glass …Floral Friday

Blue is the most popular primary color in our culture. Red is polarizing and thematically represents heat, agitation, and anger. Yellow is an ambiguous color, people enjoy the yellows of certain flowers and sunsets, it also comes to mind regarding defective motor vehicles, and cowardice. Blue is celebrated in popular music, blue jeans, and the overarching dome of the sky. Blue is a reassuring, comfortable color.

The four-cones shape of the frosted blue glass vase implies physical support and openness. This contemporary interpretation of Art Deco leaves the impression of the early 20th century. The floral elements have subtle hints of the two other primary colors.

The slender, tall, blue art glass emphasizes height. Reaching further upwards are arrow-shaped buds in a field of small roses.

The cobalt blue vase has the shape of a laboratory flask. So it was the container of choice to experiment with shape, shade, and texture.

The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes impressionist painter, Claude Monet. “I will do water–beautiful, blue water.”

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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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