Modernistic …Floral Friday

It’s good to feel an affinity to contemporary styles and standards because it enhances mindfulness of the present. This does not necessarily mean one must conform to fads or standards of modern times. In terms of creativity, a modernistic mindset is the starting point when deliberately departing from tradition.

The style, itself, is in sympathy with contemporary shapes and colorways. When we look at a modernistic object, we understand that it was produced with the character of modernism. The artisan specifically had contemporary, modern style in mind.

Today, we have three examples of modernistic design as seen through my eyes.

The first example is a globe style floor vase imported from Tanzania. It is a modern interpretation of traditional pottery from that region of Africa. I added grasses and buds in order to bring out the modernism of the pot.

The glass vase with applied reflective glass tile is a quintessential product of the mid 20th century. I brought it to the present with some ranunculus and evergreen.

Ikebana might be considered modernistic even though it is a traditional way of arranging floral elements. Mindfulness of the current moment is an important aspect of the technique. I use a 21st century stoneware pot for this Ikebana inspired collection of floral elements.

The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes writer and journalist, Ali Smith. “People tend to see modernism as the opposite of a celebration. They see it as a fracturing and an art built around an absence, but it’s really a celebration of our existence.”

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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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