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My current challenges seem like a walk in the park if I compare them to those of other people and what humanity as a whole are facing. When I make this comparison, my challenges seem a bit easier to process. … Continue reading

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Freedom Of Information

Consolidation of power and access to information has been taking place in countries around the globe, including the United States during the past few years. In some cases, the data that is provided by some officials is incomplete and inaccurate. … Continue reading

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Ides Of March

One of the most famous quotes about the month of March was penned by William Shakespeare for his play, “Julius Caesar”. “Caesar: The ides of March are come. Soothsayer: Ay, Caesar; but not gone.” The ides of March or the … Continue reading

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Make Ethics Great Again

Instead of those red caps I’d like to see a sea of white caps with the slogan, “Make Ethics Great Again”. I envision white because it symbolizes cool, clear-headed thinking. The color bypasses the fearful partisanship that the color red … Continue reading

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Variations For March …Floral Friday

Three slightly different moods influence three different arrangements  this week. None of them included flowers. The projects were all about content, form, and state of mind. The vintage Frankoma jet-black urn planter is all about raw, stark survival. Cacti and succulents … Continue reading

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Spiritually Healthy

Being religious and being spiritual are two different concepts. In some instances they overlap and in other cases they don’t. I think it’s good to get that disclaimer out of the way because this post is not about religions nor … Continue reading

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Thinking About Funeral Directors

My friend Andrew was well on his way to becoming a funeral director. While attending general classes at our community college, he worked part time for one of the local funeral homes. His main job entailed janitorial work and preparing … Continue reading

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