There is plenty for us to do in order to restore some sense of harmony in our public lives. The ongoing problems associated with Covid 19 will continue for quite some time. We also have had to deal with the political and religious extremism that have been monkey-wrenches in the machinery of initiating and implementing solutions to all the other problems our world faces.

There seems to be plenty of time and energy to spend on finger pointing and scapegoat invention. The time for reconciliation is long overdue. It would be great to reverse hate, prejudice, and greed. Restoration of civility is work we cannot leave to politicians and other institutional leaders. Necessary words and actions usually come from people who are directly affected by problems. They lead the politicians, the clergy, the corporate hierarchy. It’s up to all of us to roll up our sleeves and get to work.

The Covid 19 situation shows us that our world is primarily illogical. Too often we think with our emotions, not our minds. Illness threatens our health and our viability, so fear is our natural response. Fear-mongering by leaders is an ages old technique to distract and exploit their followers. As world citizens, reconciliation is the work we are called upon to do.

So as not to engage in the blame game, it’s also time to reengage our leaders in the real, practical efforts to help solve our entrenched negativity so we can work together on Covid 19’s impacts. Such action can be a template for many of society’s other conundrums.

It’s time to swear off of extremism and take an oath towards equilibrium. It’s time to discard antagonism, and embrace synthesis and reconciliation. This is how we get things done.

The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes Vietnamese monk, Thich Nhat Hanh. “Reconciliation is to understand both sides; to go to one side and describe the suffering being endured by the other side, and then to the other side and describe the suffering being endured by the first side.”

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  1. Very well put. The responsibility is on each of us to be sensible and reasonable in this situation and others.

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