Vase Projects …Floral Friday

Out of sight, out of mind. The ongoing efforts to sort out belongings to make room for house improvements and downsizing have yielded some old, forgotten pieces. It was a pleasure to see these again after their lengthy absence from the project shelf. Their presence inspired some crafty creativity.

The inscriptions on the bottom of these pre-mid century pillow vases is over-filled with glaze. The name appears to say, “Artist Pottery Los Angeles California”. I like the red-violet wash over grey glaze on these “twin” pieces. Purple lotuses and Peruvian lilies mirror each other in these arrangements.

The old, carved wood, Japanese vase features mother of pearl details that depict rice cultivation. An Ikebana inspired array completes this simple display.

I had forgotten how messy white Styrofoam is when it is cut. When I “transplanted” the faux potted palm from its container, I had to cut the Styrofoam mechanicals with a knife. The foam’s magnetic qualities caused an instant mess that covered the counter-top, cabinets, floor, and a portion of the wall. Cleaning up and mindfully disposing of the tiny, foam bits took more than twice as long as creating the project.

I wanted a taller container for the palm, so it was removed from the squat tin pot and placed into this vintage Art Deco, McCoy vase. It now enhances my reading corner as Augustus Caesar keeps watch.

The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes 20th century studio potter, Charles F. Binns. “E Concrematio. Confirmatio–out ot the fire comes firmness, through stress we pass to strength.”

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