Large Containers …Floral Friday

Because I have to use the room I’m renovating, it’s necessary to move furniture back into place after I complete part of a project. After repositioning the dresser and night stand, I decided to utilize the bedroom as the staging area for this week’s floral projects since the vases are larger than those I usually utilize.

The high and mighty, stylized, black pitcher vase by Royal Haeger contains a selection of dried floral elements. The project is tall so it can be used as a corner floor accent. Notice that the wall is patchy appearing. That’s spackle and dried putty (mud) used in the room project. I’m still waiting for primer and paint.

The bulky, stylized Chinese vase is dressed up with large, tropical elements. My dresser top will temporarily feature this set-up until it’s time to do more wall repairs.

The night stand features a big Haeger egg-shape vase. A jumbo orchid arrangement contrasts with the bright red Venetian blinds lampshade. The mid-century lamp, vintage Ingersol alarm clock and old Koha watch provide a splash of style within the stark bedroom walls.

The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes branding manager and creative director, Ty McBride. “Renovating old homes is not about making them look new…it is about making new unnecessary.”

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16 Responses to Large Containers …Floral Friday

  1. Authoress51 says:

    That red lampshade is cool. I thought they were like a little stairway, at first.

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