There are those who say one cannot achieve complete objectivity when observing and describing events. This argument is usually used as a reason to excuse slanted and biased news coverage. There is a basic nugget of truth to the objectivity claim, it is not a valid reason to purposely distort the reporting of an event.

A reporter, a commentator, or anyone else should strive towards objectivity. To do so indicates that she or he has the clarity of mind to perceive the truth and the honesty to accurately tell the truth to the best of their ability. To do otherwise is unethical and harmful.

To cultivate and express intellectual authority and power means that one has the courage and smarts to deal authentically with life. When one strives towards mental clarity in one’s thoughts and intent, her or his honesty and trustworthiness are apparent to others. There is great personal power that comes with such clarity, people pay close attention to what the person has to say. Honest clearheadedness is virtuous.

Clarity means one has the courage to perceive and face the truth. I want my physician to have clarity of mind. If he tries to sugarcoat the truth, he loses professional credibility. On the other hand, when he thinks and communicates with an objective point of mind I can make health decisions based upon accurate facts. A physician who has mental clarity is a physician I trust.

The same way of thinking is effective on the personal level. We can strive towards truthfulness when assessing our lives and how we face problems and decisions. Having mental clarity makes us well-positioned to see our situations accurately and appropriately without over-thinking and second-guessing. Clear-headed assessment allows us to appropriately identify limiting beliefs and behaviors that get in the way of living a good life.

Clear, objectivity helps us cut straight to the point and to the heart of the matter for the most effective results. While such detachment is helpful we can still be diplomatic when relaying helpful advice to others. Mental clarity means we are aware of and mindful of the need to be respectful towards others, even if we disagree with them. Mental clarity is not cruelty. That said, sometimes the receiver may perceive that compassionate honesty is harsh.

A person who strives towards honest clarity possesses quiet power. One can contribute to discussions from a position of gentle truth because the authority comes from within. If a person has a reputation of being compassionately honest, people are more likely to take your contribution to heart.

Wise people use intellect and logic to more effectively navigate their path. They do their homework carefully in order to make the best decisions and to remain fair when dealing with others. Taking a step back to assess a situation impartially, helps them come to concise, balanced decisions.

Sometimes a person is too close or has too much invested in a problem. This causes one’s thinking to become obscured. If the problem is serious, it may require the help of an expert. One may also require an advocate to provide guidance and clear-headed advice. When we are feeling uncertain and not confident about our judgment, it might be time to ask for assistance from a mentor or professional. They can help us diminish panicky feelings or scattered thoughts. Someone with thoughtful mental clarity and objectivity can help us regain control.

The serious problem of misuse of power can be alleviated through mental clarity. A person who has achieved significant status and authority can easily allow power to go to his or her head. Egotism and hubris run the show. The temptation to use such a position can make others feel disadvantaged. Such a person can cause serious harm. This happens when mental clarity is either misused or entirely absent. When this happens, mental clarity among the underlings is important. It takes a great deal of clarity to remedy such a massive conundrum.

The world is currently facing multiple crises that have come about due to the lack of objective honesty and clarity. To solve these issues will require as much clarity and courage as we can muster. Clear thinking and decisive but compassionate action are what we most need now.

The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes author and meditation teacher, Sharon Salzberg. “We can learn the art of fierce compassion–redefining strength, deconstructing isolation and renewing a sense of community, practicing letting go of rigid us-versus-them thinking–while cultivating power and clarity in response to difficult situations.”

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