Out In The Boondocks

For World Photo Day today, I will share a few photos taken in my special place in the world. Nebraska is sometimes derided as a mere “flyover state”. However, for those of us who live here, the locale and the atmosphere are just fine and dandy as long as we can gripe about the weather every day.

I selected four scenic views of places in the boondocks of northeastern Nebraska that should give you a small hint at common sights in our humble, agricultural spot on Earth. The images feature the synergy between land and sky.

Due to the absence of public mass transit, paved, two-lane highways are essential lifelines to residents. This is a stretch of U.S. Highway 275 near Hooper in Dodge County. Hooper has just over 800 inhabitants.

The morning January sky east of the college town and county seat, Wayne in Wayne County, can be dramatic due to the brisk chill above and below the horizon. This is worth risking frostbite on the shutter trigger finger.

This is an evidence photo that proves I don’t always baby the ol’ Camry. It sometime drives on graveled county roads. This typical rural intersection is in far Northern Wayne County.

A cornfield after autumn harvest near Wayne. By the way, the town and the county were named in honor of U.S. Revolutionary War brigadier general, “Mad” Anthony Wayne.

Happy World Photo Day.

The Blue Jay of Happiness likes this snippet from political analyst, Donna Brazile. “I have a simple rule: when I’m on TV, I’m not talking to just my anchor or my colleague on my right. I’m talking to America. I look into the lens, and in my head, I’m talking to somebody in Nebraska. Why Nebraska? Why the Cornhusker State? I have no idea. But it feels like it’s a good place to talk to people.”

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