The Energy Of Autumn

The equinoxes more than the solstices satisfy my imagination. I try to reserve extra time during each equinox to contemplate and meditate upon the Planet Earth and my small place on it. Yesterday’s equinox was no exception. The day was deeply energizing.

September and October are the months I prefer. This seems to have always been so. Although as a schoolboy, I dreaded the beginning months of the first school term, I loved walking to and from school in the fall. The large maple and oak leaves covering the sidewalk were fun to shuffle through with my feet. Even the drab, overcast skies were strangely energizing. There are few simple pleasures that satisfy like inhaling the aromas of fall. Life prepares to hibernate in the autumn. Contemplating nature feels both humble and energetic.

Walks through town and in nature are more enjoyable to me in spring and autumn because I don’t have to cope with extreme heat nor extreme cold most of the time. The walks are more leisurely and “spiritual”. It’s easier to be mindful of one’s surroundings and oneself during moderate weather conditions. Such weather is more conducive to longer strolls. My attitude receives a big, positive boost during those walks.

The casual walks in fall trigger my philosophical neurons. I can mentally isolate a bird or a squirrel and speculate about what it might be thinking about when preparing for the harsh winter ahead. Are they thinkers or are they automatons directed strictly by instinct? The curiosity brings about the desire to investigate and learn. It’s mentally empowering and makes the world more interesting. In this way, curiosity is very energizing.

Another activity that feels more vital in the fall is writing entries for this blog. With the mind less concerned about extremes of weather, I’m more free to explore the depths of my mind. I rarely have to stare at the laptop’s screen and feel writer’s block. I’m less worried whether or not the topic is profound nor interesting to the general public. Regular readers of bluejayblog know that there is no overarching theme to the blog. My aim is not to monetize this space. The act of putting my observations and mental considerings is the main thing.

It doesn’t matter if there is only one person who gets something of value from a post or dozens. Blogging is better than one voice screaming into the wilderness. Writing this paragraph is technologically enhanced organic thinking put into words. Sharing my impressions, opinions, and meditations is enough. It seems that my words flow more easily in the fall. I don’t have to ask myself, “What am I doing?”

In the autumn, deciduous trees lose the chlorophyll from their leaves. The remaining colors range from dull yellows to brilliant red-orange. The bright orange leaves are visually energizing. They inspire photography, happiness and blogging. It’s great to walk down a path that is lined with maples and certain species of ivy so I can write about the energy later.

The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes author and business consultant, Marcus Buckingham. “You can find energizing moments in each aspect of your life, but to do so you must learn how to catch them, hold on to them, to feel the pull of their weight and allow yourself to follow where they lead.”

About swabby429

An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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9 Responses to The Energy Of Autumn

  1. I like your phrasings. Autumn is pleasant only I don’t like night coming to soon.

  2. Jnana Hodson says:

    I agree with you about an equinox in contrast to a solstice.
    An equinox is a time of rapid transition, while a solstice has a feeling of fullness — light or darkness, warmth or cold, greenery or barrenness.
    Where I’ve lived, an equinox is a multicolored flash, while a solstice is more monochrome.

  3. Alien Resort says:

    I don’t know you can come up with all the topics that you write about.

    • swabby429 says:

      My blog’s slogan says it all: “Here are my observations as I reach for understanding.” Basically, I just look and listen to what’s around me, then I go about opining about it.

      Thanks for reading.

  4. Fall is my favorite season because of the clean air and relief from the oppressive humidity of summer. The downside is the approach of Winter.

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