It was one of those ho-hum afternoons yesterday, so why not sort through some baseball-style caps? There are several dozen that have accumulated over the years. A few of them are favorites, and several are caps to wear for variety’s sake. The rest are in semi-rotation or packed away in a plastic tote in the closet. While rummaging through the caps, it seemed like a fun idea to photograph them for no particular reason other than there was no other topic planned for today.

Whenever I brave going out in public for groceries or an ATM run, these three are the caps I grab most often. I’m a huge fan of Outer Space, so the very comfortable NASA cap is the one I chose most often this year, and will probably win out the rest of the year, too. The San Francisco Giants cap is fun to wear when I feel sporty; also, because I’ve been cheering them on for many decades. The off-white cap is the choice for generic days.

These are the Bay Area team caps. The SF Giants cap is the oldest one of the batch. The 49ers cap hasn’t been worn very much lately because it looks too much like a MAGA cap from the side or rear. If the Giants don’t make it to post-season and if the Oakland A’s do, then I put their cap on my head for awhile. My guilty pleasure is hockey and the Sharks are my team. I’m missing the Golden State Warriors cap because my friend Jonathan has not yet returned it.

These are three of my “invisible” caps. On those days I want to better blend in with the crowd, these are the choices. Lots of Nebraskans wear Cabela’s caps because Cabela’s Outfitters is based in Sidney, Nebraska. The John Deere cap is good to wear when visiting towns smaller than Norfolk. The college football cap is mandatory on Saturdays even though I’m not a big fan. In fact, anything that says “Huskers” on it makes good camouflage gear in the autumn.

The alphabetically arranged caps are spur of the moment caps. Sometimes I like this NASA cap instead of the other one. The Nike cap was a birthday gift. The other three arrived as corporate promotion merchandise. By the way, Yaskawa is a Japanese manufacturer of automation controllers and industrial robots. I like the cap because it’s very comfortable, so it’s a very frequently worn cap.

The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes Bollywood actor, director, producer, and singer, Himesh Reshammiya. “I have a collection of caps, but I never count them.

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4 Responses to Caps

  1. That is quite a collection of hats. Wearing them on a rotating basis must keep them all in good shape.

    • swabby429 says:

      That works. Also, some colors and materials are good for certain weather conditions and other colors and materials are more resilient for different conditions.

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