Be Strong

The year 2020 has become an example of setbacks. It has exposed our national, social, and individual vulnerabilities. To look at the news headlines and tragic statistics reminds us of our weakest aspects. When we examine the situation closer, we also notice that there is an integral core strength that has been present in the nation and in many people.

While we encounter tragedy and social injustice, some of us reconnect to the inner resilience and silent power. We remember to be compassionate to ourselves and everyone else. We recall memories of past successes and failures that taught us valuable lessons. Understanding our past actions demonstrates that we have what is needed to overcome challenges and to thrive.

Right now is the time to tap into our personal power, determination, and resilience. We do this to reinforce our self-confidence and not trying to control or rule over other people. Meantime, other people will see your nature and understand how elegantly strong you are. This is the advantage we have over bullies and tyrants. We can be strong without outward, excessive force and violence. We steer the scenario without our adversaries even realizing it. We accomplish this without resorting to manipulation.

That self-same confidence encourages us when we’re feelings stressed and burned out. It’s helpful to remember we’ve been able to get through harsh situations and to learn from them. This is also valuable when others rely upon us for support and strength. We are capable and willing to lend ourselves in their efforts towards their growing process.

“You have power over your mind–not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”–Ancient Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius

We display our inner strength during those times when anger, rage, sadness, guilt, and greediness arise to tempt us. We are strong when such emotions and feelings are constructively channeled. We grow stronger when we are not only aware of our instinctual desires but restrain them to encourage balance and thoughtfulness. This is a way of creating strategies to help us cope with difficulty. An approach like this utilizes compassion, forgiveness, and love. When done mindfully, we act out of strength instead of hatred.

It is easy to submit to anger and rage. From our past, we hopefully learned that aggressive, explosive behavior and lashing out at people were counterproductive. Such impulsiveness created future regrets. Although it is unhealthy to repress such emotions, it is to our benefit to learn to channel them so as to avoid harming others and ourselves. If this becomes too difficult, then it is time to seek help from a friend or a professional counselor. Knowing when to ask for wise help is another sign of strength.

I wish you happiness and strength.


The Blue Jay of Happiness contemplates some wise words from writer Hermann Hesse. “Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go.”

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