Hair Grass …Floral Friday

I don’t know the name of the plant that I utilized for all three of today’s floral projects. The tropical plant has a thick, woody stem. Where a flower would normally grow, instead has a tuft of thin, hair-like grassy elements. I spent considerable time browsing through Google Images, but could only find near-matches. One plant looked somewhat similar to my plants–hair grass. Although my curiosity has not been satisfied, I went ahead with the projects, because this was my first intent.

The lacquered, Indian brass vase contains a California poppy solitaire. A stem of tropical leaves and a hair grass plant enhance the presentation.

Dried plant elements and paper flowers have been placed in a hardwood vase that was turned by a local artisan. Hair grass adds the finishing touch.

A green Ikea bud vase is the base for red-dyed twigs. The hair grass unites the botanicals and the green glass by color.


The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes activist, speaker, writer, Vinita Kinra. “Imagine a man without lungs. Imagine Earth without Amazon rainforest.”

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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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  1. I like how you end your posts with thought provoking quotes

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