Lapis Not Indigo

After a home restoration lull, I decided to begin the process again with a small project. A short hallway is the smallest space in the house, not counting closets. The walls were painted sandy-tan about 30 years ago. I was tired of the bland color. Being a small area, I decided to apply a bold color. The first impulse was to use orange or red-orange. I nixed the idea because I’d get tired of it quickly, plus sunsets coming in through the west window would make the color overpowering. I contemplated the blue jeans I was wearing and decided that indigo would make a good choice. I then mentioned this to a few friends, in passing.

Just as I was getting ready to drive to Menard’s for the paint, I glanced at my wristwatch. Its color immediately overruled indigo. The cheerful lapis lazuli tone is a color I can live with for a long time. The paint department matched the wristwatch dial color almost perfectly and mixed up a quart of satin wall paint. Afterwards, since the hallway’s walls had been coated, it seemed like a good idea to use one of the walls as a backdrop for this week’s floral projects as a way to display most of this week’s creative efforts.

Now is as good of a time as any to use the trout vase, because why not? I went with the flow and selected a pristine white Gerbera daisy for the display.

A mustard-yellow Jane Seymour folded glass handkerchief vase that was gifted by my friend, Jonathon last year, contains selections of greenery and orange Gerberas.

A vintage inlay-decorated brass vase from India contains a South Asia-inspired arrangement.


The Blue Jay of Happiness hopes you are enjoying a lovely, meaningful holiday season.

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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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6 Responses to Lapis Not Indigo

  1. rkrontheroad says:

    Perfect backdrop – like a cheery blue sky!

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