The feelings we enjoy when finishing a difficult task or reaching a goal are happy and joyful. They increase and solidify our evaluations of self-worth and personal strength.

Perhaps you have graduated from school, or have received a promotion at the workplace. Maybe a clever financial investment has paid off. It might be any act that requires concerted commitment and effort to bring to fruition. There are few situations in life that are as satisfying as is the act of completion.

This is a solid feeling of stability, abundance, and validation. One can bask in the limelight either publicly or within the sanctuary of the mind. This could result in some sort of celebration. The supervisor of your job throws a small company dinner party in recognition of your achievement. Perhaps you treat yourself to a special reward like a new garment or a carton of the premium brand of ice cream. There is a sense of gratitude that arises from fulfilling a goal or a long imagined dream.

In any case, achieving some sort of goal leaves us as stronger, more resilient people. There’s a sensation of standing on solid ground and wishing to build a sturdy foundation that emulates permanence and reliability. To build upon the completion of the goal, means you are not one to rest on her laurels. It brings further mental energy and motivation to attempt other challenges. Such an approach almost always assures that success will be long-lasting.

If one has a somewhat humanitarian personality he feels compelled to share his bounty with his loved ones and others in order that they are cared for. We see examples of this every day as “breadwinners” provide necessities, stability, and nurturance to families and charitable causes. The desire to provide comfort and safety to their loved ones seemingly instinctively springs forth. Of course, helping others also brings about similar feelings of completion towards one’s obligations and responsibilities.

The sense of completion is not necessarily about accumulation of wealth and luxurious things. Oftentimes, completion is more about attaining inner peace and freedom from inner conflict. You realize that your feelings of self-worth are not dependent upon wealth and social status. You’ve unraveled the superficial connection of outward appearance to inner success. The sense of completion is simpler and more psychologically steady.

You’ve encountered challenging situations and plenty of setbacks in life. These have taught you lessons about persistence and focus. You’ve had to re-evaluate opinions and goals then adjust your life strategy. These have paid dividends in life and meaningful mental well-being. You have made it past another milestone and feel the warm sense of completion.


The Blue Jay of Happiness ponders advice from the former president and CEO of the Campbell Soup Company, Douglas Conant. “It would be counterproductive to tell people exactly what they are supposed to do and exactly how they are supposed to do it to a point where they become more concerned about your expectations than about completing their work in a quality way.”

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  1. For me, relief is a big part of the joy and happiness that comes with completion.

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