The Gay Agenda

Karl waited for my reaction as I opened the envelope containing the greeting card. I removed the card. On the bright red background was the inscription, “The Gay Agenda”. I opened it and read the phrase, “Be My Valentine”. We laughed about the little joke.

I’m glad he gave me the card. It made fun of the sinister trope that our adversaries use to foster antipathy against our community. The mean-spirited claim is propagated by many of the same people who claim God caused a hurricane, tornado, earthquake, or some other fierce natural event as a way to smite a city, state, or the nation for accepting LGBT people. We gay folks know that when the next hurricane strikes Florida that certain preachers will proclaim that gays caused it to happen. When they make their statements to the media, all we can do is roll our eyes and chuckle at the absurdity of the world.

I’m greatly concerned that I have not yet received my copy of the Gay Agenda. Wasn’t I supposed to get a signed copy when I came out of the closet? As a matter of fact, somehow framed plaques, mission statements, pledges of obedience, printed programs, and membership cards have also failed to arrive. They might have gotten lost in the mail. My friends have mentioned this same situation is true for them, too.

I’ve been trying to figure out what this mythical agenda might actually be about. According to their allegations, our adversaries believe there is some kind of sinister international plot to intentionally “normalize” homosexuality. Apparently we are trying to “subvert” heterosexual “culture”. By “normalizing” gay people, we will somehow cause the destruction of straight people. It’s sort of like hurricanes causing destruction and panic in Miami because there are gay people in Miami.

Lately, our adversaries have expanded their accusations about there being a gay agenda and gay-enabled natural disasters, to transgender people using the gender appropriate restrooms. This has caused great consternation and heated controversy. I often wonder if folks who claim there is a gay agenda might have deep, scary doubts about their own sexuality. Their sexuality may be so frail that they live in constant, irrational fear of “the others” in society.

“People were saying that David Geffen and I had gotten married and it just blew me away. Not that they thought I was gay, but that they thought I could land a guy that hot.”–Keanu Reeves

Although I haven’t yet received my copy of the Gay Agenda, I do understand the power of repeated propaganda. If people are repeatedly told that a fantastical secret Gay Agenda exists in order to cause great harm to society, they eventually believe it. Meantime, those of us who are the targets of such claims is that the hype is about huckster shenanigans. Promoting fear has long been an effective technique to control the masses and bring in monetary donations.

Until I receive my marching orders from the authors of the Gay Agenda, I’ll be busy living my life. At the moment, I have too many things on my plate to worry about what my adversaries choose to think about the LGBT community. I can only shrug my shoulders at their strange absurdities and allegations.

Anyway, that’s just my opinion.


The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes South African writer, Christina Engela. “Denying the facts is what enables people to hate and to persecute marginalized and threatened minority groups. Labeling the advocacy, educational and informational initiatives of these persecuted minority groups dismissively as ‘propaganda for the gay agenda’ undermines, belittles and trivializes the cause of those whose right to exist is under threat.”

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5 Responses to The Gay Agenda

  1. I have always wondered what the Gay Agenda was too. It’s all about creating fear, just like a lot of other things. Also excuse to be disrespectful of others. Thanks for that!

    • swabby429 says:

      Slurs can be blunted by capturing ownership of them by the out-group. This is done with a touch of satire, similar to what I attempted here. Thanks for commenting.

    • pariskelley says:

      the “gay agenda” always makes me laugh. Because people honestly believe that gay people are really trying to make the world gay, and the straight people are urinating themselves right now. lmao!

  2. pariskelley says:

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