Cocktail Time …Floral Friday

We sometimes need to take a breather and enjoy something to mellow out with. Some folks desire liquid refreshment, some of us like only to close our eyes for a few moments to make things right with the world again. For a variety of reasons, I’ve never been much of a drinker. In the past, I have enjoyed one dry martini to sip from late New Year’s Eve into the first moments of a New Year. (I’ve forgotten to have my New Year’s martinis three years in a row, but haven’t missed them much.)

It was while enjoying an eye’s closed, recliner chair moment that I came up with the notion of combining a few items of bar paraphernalia with succulents just for fun. You might say I was not rubbing the hair of the proverbial dog that did not bite me. So, I whipped up some flowery cocktails for today. They’re on the house.

I have two Art Deco “Manhattan” pattern Anchor-Hocking martini glasses. In one of them, I dashed together a vibrant succulent plant and decorated it for a festive, special occasion.

A whimsical Tiki tumbler from Waikiki Beach provides a mini-vacation for the senses. An imaginary trip to the 50th State is here for the looking.

If you prefer something a little fancier than usual, how about something in a cocktail dessert dish served on the rocks? This one is stirred, not shaken, and spiked, so it should be consumed with extra care.

Please consume mind-altering substances prudently.


The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes former news anchor, Matt Lauer. “I’ve always liked the idea of walking into a cocktail party where there are different people and finding some connection with almost everybody in the room.”

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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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6 Responses to Cocktail Time …Floral Friday

  1. If I were to do a post in this vein, I’d use empty beer bottles and beer cans. Beer’s my thing!

    • swabby429 says:

      That would be legit. BTW. I’ve used an empty beer can and a beer bottle in the past. There are ways to make snazzy arrangements with them. Thanks for commenting.

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