We have heard the truism that each of us is the center of the Universe. If we ponder this statement outside of egoistic and narcissistic concepts, it seems subjectively true. We don’t have to be narcissistic to understand why the Universe seems to perceive itself through our physical senses and mental processes.

If we still our inner dialogue for awhile, it seems as if we can hear the subtle “music of the spheres”. Through mindful contemplation we might see the Universe. Paying attention to our other senses, we may taste, feel, and otherwise merge with the Universe. With these in mind, another truism comes to mind: “We are the beings through which the Universe experiences itself.”

At some point in life we achieved a special, personal goal. Perhaps it was quitting tobacco, or not eating sugary snacks for a month, or paying off the entire balance of a credit card. We don’t feel the desire to shout about it on social media, nor humble brag about it to friends. Instead of these, it seemed better to bask in private joy and to experience the satisfaction of completing the work. It is also likely that the journey has not yet been complete, however we have privately reached a meaningful milestone. We pause for a few minutes and enjoy the happy sense of synergy that comes from doing something that is meaningful to us. Living in peaceful harmony with the outer world and ourselves, brings about inner joy.

However, on the other hand, many of us live lives of quiet desperation. There is a troubling breakdown of communication with others. There are disagreements and alarming disputes. We end up feeling disconnected or betrayed. In the midst of such events, we feel physical and mental discomfort. For a period of time we experience chaotic thinking.

Gloom and doom are at odds with our inner intent. For some of us, the chaos represents transition, for others it is the never-ending background environment of life. When something is out of place, our minds are distracted. Going through major transitions throws us out of balance and feels uncomfortable. Living in a dysfunctional environment is harmful to the psyche.

As living beings, we seek equilibrium. When we’re in tune with calm, our minds are more effective in creating positive, helpful outcomes. We are better able to evaluate scenarios. Harmonious states of mind enable better concentration. It’s normal to reject upheavals and discord. We function better when we feel secure and stable about our daily lives.

It’s helpful to remember when we overcame self-doubt in the past. Perhaps we struggled with empathy, self-acceptance or self-confidence. With the advent of higher levels of these aspects, came the feeling that we are becoming more harmonious with ourselves and the world. We’re becoming more aligned in who we are and who we want to be. It’s as if we’re returning home again to our highest purpose in respecting others, the Earth, and the Universe.

We feel right without being self-righteous. We give and receive support from and to people who are close to us. There is mutual caring and happiness. The way to celebrate reaching a private milestone might simply be to invite a friend over for a meal, just to be together with her or him. You might share your good news or maybe not. Such time together is a more than sufficient celebration of life. After all the worry and effort, we experience fruition and deserve to pause and enjoy the satisfaction of a job well-done.

This is not to say that work and accomplishment are the only things that may bring about harmony. Often times, we are in the midst of simply living day to day–stuff is just humming away as usual. We become aware of our place in the overall scheme of things. Our efforts just fall in place, easy-breezy. For whatever reason, we’re simply having a good day. We become aware of our happy, secure existence. During those times, we feel gratitude for such a time of balance and harmony.


The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes Hermann Hesse’s 1910 novel, Gertrude. “That is where my dearest and brightest dreams have ranged–to hear for the duration of a heartbeat the Universe and the totality of life in its mysterious, innate harmony.”

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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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5 Responses to Harmonious

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  2. I really like and appreciate your essays. I know you would like to have more constructive feedback, but your way of thinking seems congruent with my own day after day. At the same time, you write about it so well, with sound reasoning and clearly organized thoughts, that your perspective has value as more than just my own inner dialogue manifesting itself through someone else’s voice. Thank you for continuing to be a bright light in my reader feed.

  3. Wonderful post. Need some quiet to take it all in and reflect on the life we have is important.

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