Developing Skills

The folks in my small friends-circle love to keep up with the times by exploring beyond our knowledge and skill levels. We enjoy reading books, and Web pages aimed at DIYers. We enjoy documentaries and educational videos. You might say that we’re addicted to learning new ideas and skills.

Last year’s house purchase has further motivated me to learn how to perform basic repairs and upgrades that used to be the responsibility of my landlord. YouTube has been my lifeline for practical know-how lessons from actual professional tradespersons. For instance, one of my favorite sources is “Vancouver Carpenter”. Ben Degros is a professional drywall installer/carpenter/painter. His personable, friendly teaching style blends mentoring with vlogging. Degros is my main information source for the renovation work I’m doing in my home. Of course, there are other channels I consult for alternate and additional techniques.

Vancouver Carpenter

Between the DIY videos and my friends group I’m able to remain focused on honing the basic redecorating and repair skills I’ve never previously needed. After all, concentration and determination are important ingredients when learning new skills and other information. One of the beauties of the Internet videos is that if I need to review how to do a technique, I can simply go back and re-watch a video or portion of a video as reinforcement.

Besides learning how to fix up my little house, I’m deriving a great deal of enjoyment in the process. Although I’m not a master craftsman by any stretch of the imagination, I’m working at improving my abilities. As in any field of endeavor, DIY house repair presents constant learning opportunities.

One of the best aspects of learning new skills is that it gets me out of my head and gets my hands and clothing dirty by accomplishing something useful. It seems that completing each task has a way of improving myself as a person. The ongoing home improvements enable ongoing personal improvement. Besides those benefits, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as surveying the finished results and being able to enjoy a job well done.

Lifelong learning is a process I value. If we love learning new ways to do and think those lessons will carry us onward to previously unimagined capabilities. Sometimes I like to talk to people outside of my friends circle to bounce ideas off of them and seek out their perspectives. As long as I am able, I never want to stop learning fresh ideas and skills.


The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes the late arranger, composer, conductor, and pianist, Michel Legrand. “The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”

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10 Responses to Developing Skills

  1. Eva Hnizdo says:

    Good idea. I have been learning,too, brushing up my German,French and Russian and learning Italian and Spanish from scratch. I also do various Masterclasses- Salman Rushdie right now, and lots of publishing and writing webinars. BUT but but. Am I learning anything practical? Nope. I still can’t repair anything at home, decorate,etc. I have a gardener, and I hardly do something with my hands. I have always been like this, Yet, I grew up in a communist country, where everybody did DIY because the services were poor. Maybe my laziness is a reaction to that! You even arrange flowers! Good for you, I cook and tidy up, work out. and type. That’s all my physical activity! So learning, YES as long as the activity is by using my brain, not my hands! LOL.

  2. I’m not a big DIYer but take on the occasional project and also experience the satisfaction of completing it successfully. Also I find that when someone else does a project sometimes they cause damage or create other problems in the process.

  3. Jeff Flesch says:

    Completely agree with you, Jay. Lifelong learner here too. I also enjoyed the houses we owned and learning how to do small repairs around the house. Fun.

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