The Film Of Our Lives

Life is not a snapshot. Life is dynamic, dramatic, and action-packed. Life is a movie. Each of us are the featured stars. Every day is a new scene with its own sub-plot and supporting characters. The movie theme is unique and personal. We are the writers of the film-play and the directors of cinematography.

Will our movies win Academy Awards? It takes a fair amount of  chutzpa to eschew the familiar, tried and true themes and embrace an avant garde, unexplored plot-line. There are few awards for numerous sequels of past box office also-rans. The limelight shines on adventure and change. Will our audience of one feel inspired or bored into sleep? Hopefully the audience of one will not walk out of the theater midway through the movie.

We realize that our lives are not snapshots of stereotypes to be squirreled away in photo albums, but are more like movies to boundlessly create and experience. The stories of our lives are filled with mystery, love, and activity. The light in our minds creates movement in Technicolor, projected onto the wide-screen of the world theater.

If you have an idea for a blockbuster hit, start today. There is no better time than the present to begin script-writing, sketching the storyboard, and selecting the production location. Will there be supporting characters and a costar? Who will make a cameo appearance?

Naturally, you are the protagonist/director. The movie will follow through the series of trials and tribulations. You receive top billing. There will be at least one antagonist who will do whatever is possible to trip up the protagonist and play the foil. The screenplay will likely include secondary characters, maybe a wingman, a best friend, or significant other who shines the light on different aspects of the movie’s plot. The secondary character is a stalwart ally and friend of the protagonist and has only positive motives at heart.

The scriptwriting, storyboard details, and cast vetting depend upon the type of film. Will the movie be a tragedy, a mystery thriller, a slapstick comedy, or a romance? How the protagonist and the rest of the characters are cast will determine the flow and success of the movie. The protagonist/director dynamically fleshes out the characters and their roles as the movie continues.

With intuitive and smart directing, the movie will compellingly tell the story of the protagonist’s relationships with the other characters. Hopefully, the final scene will be a satisfying resolution of the plot and plot complications. In any case, the movie will be worthy of excellent production values.

The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes actor, comedian, composer, producer, writer, Mel Brooks. “Everything starts with writing. And then to support your vision, your ideas, your philosophy, your jokes, whatever, you’ve gotta perform them and/or direct them, or sometimes just produce them.”  

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6 Responses to The Film Of Our Lives

  1. Alien Resort says:

    I produced my first digital video with a disposable video camera from Eckerd Drugs. The camera was $30 and it had 3 minutes of space. When you were done, you took the camera to the photo counter and in a few days they gave you a DVD. I put the video on YouTube and it got several hundred views right away because there weren’t a lot of videos on YouTube.

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