Inauspicious Days

I have the problem of stray cats using the perimeters of my house and garage as litter-boxes. So I did what most modern folks do when annoyance come up, I Google for a remedy. Some of the results claimed that cats do not like the odor of used coffee grounds. So, I’ve been brewing extra coffee lately. Whenever I’m finished preparing the coffee, I refill the French press pot with cool water in order to suspend the old grounds in liquid. I pour the funky mixture wherever needed outdoors around the property.

Yesterday, I brewed an extra batch so I could spread more grounds behind the garage. As I poured the watery mess of discard coffee grounds onto a bare patch of soil, some of the brown liquid splashed back from the dirt onto my favorite pair of sneakers.

As soon as possible, I blotted as much of the nasty moisture from the shoes as I could with a damp paper towel, yet the light grey shoe fabric still showed brown stains. I spent the next half-hour or so searching for a misplaced “magic eraser” and a spot-stain removing “pen”.

Eventually, I found the magic eraser in a cubbyhole inside my toolbox and the “Tide” pen was in the catch-all drawer. I was finally able to begin the cleaning task. I’m like a lot of people who fall victim to minor circumstances. They’re minor, niggling events; not major fall-backs. No, yesterday was not Friday the 13th; it was the eleventh. It doesn’t need to be Friday the 13th. Any day can be one of my inauspicious days. All that is required is for me to not pay close attention to what I’m doing.

Way back in 1974, during my exploration of New Age religious beliefs, I dabbled in Numerology. So, yesterday, while scrubbing the brown stains from the sneakers I pondered some allegedly unlucky numbered days. There was the obvious Friday the 13th, and the less obvious Tuesday the 18th. Some numerologists consider Monday the 9th to be inauspicious. Eight is believed to be less than lucky so any number which the integers add up to eight is suspect–especially the 26th (2 + 6 = 8).

I thought to take the entire date into account 6 + 11 + 2021 = 2038. In numerology, you reduce results to two or one integers. When reducing down to two numbers 2038 becomes 13. Aha, the unlucky thirteen appears! Reducing 13 even further we get 4.

The number 4 is believed to be inauspicious in some countries like China, Japan, and Korea. Many people believe it is bad luck to give a present that consists of four pieces to someone. (Also, 1 + 3 = 4)

Anyway the numerology calculations mean that yesterday contained two inauspicious numbers, 13 and 4. If I want to convolute the results even more, I can imagine that yesterday might be considered Friday the 13th by numerology’s reckoning. What about 4? Well, I had 2 shoes, 1 magic eraser pad, and one “Tide” stain pen; hence, 4 objects.

Although I don’t consider myself to be especially religious nor do I harbor many superstitions, I do recognize that I have auspicious and inauspicious days. I’m guessing they happen because of getting too little or too much sleep. Perhaps my bio-rhythm fluctuates or maybe I’m just more attentive on some days and inattentive on other days.

All I know is that during inauspicious days, nothing seems to go well. If I give a task a couple of tries yet the results are unsatisfactory, that might mean I’m having an unlucky day. Since everything is constantly changing, I’ll postpone the task until the next day, if possible. The second day’s attempts are generally successful. Does this mean that day two is one of my lucky days? Maybe it’s just due to the fact that everything just has its own day and that certain tasks should be performed on certain days. At least this sometimes seems to be true.

Then again, there is the matter of hours. The shoe accident happened around four in the afternoon. I began the actual chore of cleaning the shoes at around five o’clock. Here we have the unlucky number 4 versus the neutral number 5.

The entire mental exercise had become quite a distraction. Fortunately, all the scrubbing with cleaners and dabbing away moisture with a paper towel worked perfectly. The sneakers look as good as new.

The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes 17th century moralist and author of maxims and memoirs, Francois de La Rochefoucauld. “Our actions seem to have their lucky and unlucky stars, to which a great part of that blame and that commendation is due which is given to the actions themselves.” 

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14 Responses to Inauspicious Days

  1. Yernasia Quorelios says:

    💜 Cats Deliver Messages My Friend, My Brother; so please PAY FUCKING ATTENTION!! or ELSE !!!


    • swabby429 says:

      Hmm. These are unsanitary messages. 🙂

      • Yernasia Quorelios says:

        💜 Perfect for an “unsanitary” mind My Brother, My Friend; in The MeanTime, Fluffless Numerology:

        0 Alpha and Omega
        1 Suggestions and Guidance
        2 The Divine Couple
        3 SEE (Soulful Emotional Energy) Power
        4 Innovation and Co-Creation
        5 Accountability and Responsibility
        6 Double SEE Power
        7 Re-Birth aka The Phoenix
        8 Family and Friends
        9 Triple SEE Power

        …enjoy (95%) and endure (5%)…


  2. These calculations are making my head spin!

  3. Cats detest orange citrus…I use a nice natural orange essence spray weekly, I get this from a natural heath store…human grade …no chemicals… and I also spray Palo Santo essence spray to cleanse the energy… Sage spray attracts them…ask me how I know, from Juniper Mist in Arizona…
    It all seems to work well…Namaste😊

  4. Jaesjabber says:

    You too huh? Only mine aren’t strays. I thought they were nice kitties and I fed them. Now they all over parameters they shouldn’t be. I guess I will construct an electrical fence. Or just execute them myself! I do have the right to carry

    • swabby429 says:

      There is now a pure white one that looks like Internet “Smudge” stalking me. Also, a young calico has been testing her mettle and coming close. There are a dozen or so others that I’m aware of.

      • Jaesjabber says:

        Yes I’m aware also I just turn a blind eye because I’m not savvy enough or foolish enough to kill them! I start a new job at Apple in just a week— finally and my 6 weeks of extensive training should giving me some handy dandy ways to make these kittens purr! For now I just want this bullshit French painter theme off my blog. That’s not my kind of cheese!

      • Jaesjabber says:

        You know my dearest friend is the alpha kitty cat but I hardly call him a kitten! More like a lion. He made the news at age 17 some 32 years ago and he is genius. He is trying not to overwhelm me with too much info because I’ve had hound dogs on my trail and I hate those things. I’m just a baby and everything is new to me but I’m a lot smarter than most people know. I love Goethe Peterson for instance and the smoking platypus is my under cover lover lol. Not really-I don’t smoke but we chill a lot. So if any kind soul out there wants to help me get this artist off my blog it would be greatly appreciated. I would much prefer to donate 47 dollars a month to WordPress, but cc seems to be more interactive and helpful at this time. I just don’t know what to do. Buried birdie in the sky drop a little white wash in my eye. I’m no baby I won’t cry. I just thank God that cows don’t fly!

  5. At least the cats should take care of any mice. That’s why I tolerate cats getting into my crawl space.

    • swabby429 says:

      I have a problem with moles and voles, I have been hoping the felines could counter them. So far, the cats have not taken any initiative towards that situation.

  6. I was told sprinkle black pepper. Cats don’t like the smell!

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