Inside each of us, there is the seed of both good and evil. It’s a constant struggle as to which one will win. And one cannot exist without the other.”–Eric Burdon

Everyone must endure some type of struggle because it is an integral part of living. Conflicts arise, so we deal with them and there is some type of outcome–win, lose, passively go with the flow, etcetera. The person who lives a reasonably happy life encounters obstacles but is determined to not allow them to prevent him from undertaking the necessary steps towards his goal. We call this persistence, grit, drive, or sheer stubbornness.

Whether we have particular goals to accomplish or if we simply wish to live a meaningful, joyful life, we will find ourselves in struggles and challenges along our path. Oftentimes a person can encounter numerous setbacks that cast doubt into the mind. We know that we need to stick to the work so we do not give up hope just before completing the challenge. Through puck and luck the determined individual generally gets through the struggle to a successful end. Victory was snatched from the looming jaws of defeat.

Usually, the struggle is more mundane and causes us to feel overwhelmed by our responsibilities and the lack of support from family and peers. Life feels like all work and no play and we wish we could chuck it all and escape to a carefree spa in paradise. Upon quiet contemplation we realize that our circumstances represent temporary setbacks and that we must simply cope with it for awhile longer before we find relief.

After numerous struggles in life we learn how to stand firm and resolute in the face of adversity. We might be on the verge of exhaustion but we psych ourselves up and use our reserve sources of energy for one final push. We get so close to completion that there is no longer any temptation to surrender to defeat. Even if we are very strongly convinced that we should give up we know that this is our last chance, so we say to ourselves, “It’s now or never.”

One must be cognizant of naysayers and people who are jealous of our plans. They might make subtle inferences that dishearten our attitude. They might be projecting their own fears and insecurities and so try to discourage us.

Knowing their subterfuge, we don’t allow their disdain to get to us. At this stage, it’s important to reinforce our boundaries and protect our interests. We have an imperative goal to accomplish and an important message to send to the world. It is vitally important to remain focused on the objective.

If we are fortunate enough to have advocates and allies who support us, we can take their auspicious words to heart and accept the aid they offer to lighten our load. We must also be sure that we are also our own allies. We take note of our own fears of success and failure. We must hold our insecurities and doubts in check. We do not want our inner voices to become our fiercest critics. With a fair amount of prudence to govern our actions, we do not worry about our external and internal critics.

Whether we ultimately succeed or fail, we learn important lessons. The insight learned from encountering obstacles and setbacks improves us and helps us more successfully and positively mature.

The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes 20th century Swiss-American psychiatrist, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. “The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of those depths.”

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7 Responses to Struggle

  1. Very nicely written , this as very uplifting .πŸ™‚πŸ™

  2. Alien Resort says:

    Nay to the naysayers.

  3. Yernasia Quorelios says:

    πŸ’œ Solitude Solves The “Evil” ‘Problem’ EveryOne; do YOU!!! Dare Discuss and Debate πŸ€” ?


  4. bloom|time says:

    Love that quote.

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