Simply Done …Floral Friday

Perhaps high relative humidity and warmth in Nebraska this week triggered a craving for basic simplicity. Such a mood does not necessarily mean a requirement of minimalism, but could include it. The projects need to take into account basic design and color elements; nothing more and nothing less. I just didn’t want any of the projects to appear too complex. I also wanted to create them in glass containers. In other words, floral design 101.
The first project was highly influenced by post-modernism. The formal, ruby-glass urn contains an airy, informal collection of orchids. It ticks all the boxes.

A bowl of flowers is almost as simple and basic as arrangements go. A favorite “Teleflora” flower bowl has been purposed as a mini-container garden for a batch of moss roses.
An indigo, frosted glass vase has a small top opening, so it’s only suitable for use as a simple flower vase. The red pinstripe around the flare edge was matched with a single branch of red camellias. There was no room for anything more; and I’m glad there wasn’t. This is simply tall. The total height of the project is 69 mm (approximately 27-inches).

The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes Belgian-Dutch, formula one race car driver, Max Verstappen. “Of course you learn from certain moments, and you always get more and more experience, so maybe in the future you will do some different things, but in general, the basics always stay the same.” 

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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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8 Responses to Simply Done …Floral Friday

  1. The single flower looks good with its shadow!

  2. My sight too, was impressed with the shadow of the blue vase and red beauties..all three are magnificent!!
    Have a beautiful day..Namaste’

  3. The bowl in the middle photo is startling. Two powerful colors that are sharply divided.

    As always, your displays shine.

  4. Jeff Flesch says:

    All beautiful. I really like the bowl arrangement. Lovely.

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