Sometimes, Done Is The Best Feature

I pushed the lawnmower into the garage and parked it in its usual corner. I locked the small, rear door then walked past the car to the driveway. I then picked up the old straw broom and began sweeping grass clippings off of the concrete surface. The late morning air was still and close. I felt overheated and was dripping with perspiration. A break was necessary, because I’d been working for nearly two-hours, nonstop, on the yard. Beneath a shady spot, I admired the morning’s chores and told myself, “I’m so glad this is finished.”

My yard is a “tenant’s lawn”. A “tenant’s lawn” is a yard that contains some ratio of grass to weeds because the landlord does not bother to spend money on landscaping and forbids the renter from doing so. This allegedly prevents the tax valuation of the property to increase, which supposedly keeps the lot’s property tax rate lower. Meantime, the renter is required to mow the vegetation and trim bushes in order to satisfy city ordinances regarding property upkeep. With these factors in mind, I have been maintaining the appearance of the yard to these bare-bone standards, even after the landlord sold the property to me last year. This has been the case because the house renovation and repair work have much higher priorities than the yard.

This all means that after spending a couple of hours in the muggy, oppressive, July weather conditions while working to near exhaustion, I can rest assured that being done is the best feature of the yard. For approximately another week, I don’t need to be concerned about city codes nor general appearances regarding the lawn. The “tenant’s lawn” will be OK until I can prioritize it after a year or two.

During my younger years, people accused me of being a perfectionist. Perhaps they were at least partially correct in their assessment, because I liked to finish chores and projects beyond the bosses’ and teachers’ stated requirements. Just getting by was not a personal option. In many instances, this is still the case. However, after so many years on this planet, I finally understand the importance of prioritizing tasks. We have only a limited amount of time allotted to living our lives and I don’t wish to spend most of my share being obsessed with placing finishing touches on every single chore I do. I’m not a Michelangelo regarding landscaping–and that’s OK.

Regarding yard upkeep, washing and putting away the dinner dishes, or sweeping the floor, the main objective is to complete the jobs; perfection is not even on the agenda. At the end of the day, the satisfaction is in the completion. In my opinion, this is a type of gratitude. I’m thankful that I have the physical ability to be able to take care of basic chores and maintain a reasonably happy lifestyle. Gratitude about such matters seems to make life feel better. Also, by prioritizing certain projects, I have additional time and energy to apply to those projects that I deem deserving of extra attention.

It’s important to remember that we have certain routines and mundane responsibilities to fulfill. There are basic chores like housekeeping and property maintenance along with taking a little time out for contemplation or meditation. After the bath or shower following completion of our routines, we can take comfort at the end of the day knowing that the day’s tasks are done. We are then free to relax, feel thankful, and settle into bed for sleep. At the end of the day, being done is the best feature.


The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes advocate of the paranormal and novelist, Whitley Strieber. “Every time someone ends a prayer in the Western world they say Amen–that is the name of an Egyptian god (Amun) associated with completion. So we’re still praying to their gods.”

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3 Responses to Sometimes, Done Is The Best Feature

  1. Yernasia Quorelios says:

    💜 I Would have Agreed in My Past; yet NOW!!! in My Present I DisAgree EveryOne…its Crystal Clear Clarity that The Only Constant is Change; frankly, if YOU!!! CBF (Can’t Be Fucked) “Doing” SomeThing NOW!!! Leave It for Later, it Makes Little Difference apart from Having YOU!!! Feel a Bit More Relaxed instead of “sweating” ‘…The Small Stuff’ ~ Look Up The Author, I’m Too Lazy to Spoon Feed Younger Souls


  2. Getting it done is more important than getting it perfect is how I feel about blogging most days.

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