Wear Your Parent’s Jewelry

I suppose I could wear one of my mom’s brooches to celebrate “Wear Your Mother’s Jewelry Day”. Although, my sister inherited mom’s jewelry and would probably loan out one of the pieces, the idea just doesn’t seem right. Doing so would not do justice to mom’s jewelry collection.

What I decided to do about the unofficial holiday was to alter its name to “Wear Your Parent’s Jewelry Day”. This seems to be a more fair and inclusive name because there are more same-sex parenting families and single-parent households. This also means that I have a good excuse to wear dad’s jewelry.

As was the cultural norm of his times, dad owned very few pieces of jewelry. He did have a couple of pairs of cufflinks and a few tie bars and tie tacks. He had a small lapel pin proclaiming his membership in the “Civil Engineers Association”. He did own two wedding bands–one for his marriage to mom and the other for his marriage to my stepmom. There was a favorite wristwatch he wore during my early childhood–a rectangular Elgin timepiece. I don’t know whether the old Elgin was either lost or discarded.

Later, he acquired a Swiss-made Bison watch (BWC) and a Timex “Marlin” that he favored. The Timex on a Speidel “Twist-O-Flex” bracelet was worn nearly everywhere–home, work, vacation trips, etc. The Bison was only brought out for variety’s sake. Like the old Elgin, the old Timex has been either lost or discarded. Fortunately, the old Bison is still around. I cleaned up the old watch and put it on a newer watch strap so I can wear it from time to time.

During one of dad’s vacation trips he took to Thailand with my stepmom he bought a Thai gold signet ring. In his later years, dad wore the signet ring in lieu of a wedding ring after the passing of my stepmom. The ring was worn nearly all the time until he put it aside to live in a nursing home. In his final years, dad never wore jewelry of any type.

So, for Wear Your Parent’s Jewelry Day, I’m wearing dad’s old Bison watch and his old signet ring. By the way, the ring is a perfect fit–it has never required resizing.


The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes Nebraskan and multi-billionaire, Warren Buffet. “If you don’t know jewelry, know the jeweler.”

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7 Responses to Wear Your Parent’s Jewelry

  1. Alien Resort says:

    I remember the Speidel Twist-O-Flex TV commercials. Whenever I came across an expansion-type watchband, I would test to see if it was a Twist-O-Flex. Usually it wasn’t but it was fun to play with if it was.

  2. Your modification of the unofficial holiday makes sense.

  3. Eva Hnizdo says:

    Where did you find out about ” wear your mother’s jewellery day”? Is there a list of days like that somewhere? Curious.

  4. Poignant post and a lovely way to honour them ❤️

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