The Bathroom Is Finished

The knobs will have been attached to the cabinet doors by the time this is posted to the Web. I’m allowing an extra day for the paint to set and cure just to avoid damaging the paint. The finishing touch will mark the end of a week of enjoyable decorating of the room. I had procrastinated on this project for a couple of reasons: 1. I hadn’t felt motivated 2. It required a lot of preparation.

After finally deciding upon a color theme, a shopping trip to the local Menard’s store yielded three containers of paint and an extra roll of blue masking tape. With the supplies on hand, I had to make use of them. The project would be relatively simple because it was just a refurbishment, not a remodeling. The option to fully remodel might be done in a few years.

While repairing the 101-years-old east wall, I recalled the original purpose of the room when the little house was constructed. It was the kitchen. The small, closet-size space beyond the archway was the original privy. The original occupants of the house used an outhouse to take care of their personal needs. When two additional rooms were added to the house in 1960, the former kitchen was converted into the bathroom and the former privy became a storage space by default. The outhouse was removed to comply with city sanitation codes.

Anyhow, the preparation chores were simplified because only one wall is antique. The others are modern drywall construction which is easier to repair and prepare.

The ceiling required three coats of flat, pure white ceiling paint because the old, medium-tan paint was hard to hide. The accent wall received three coats of Dutch Boy “bird of paradise” orange paint for the same reason. The remaining walls received three coats of Dutch Boy “lantern glow” orange, which is two-shades lighter than the other orange. The door, baseboards, and trim were done in almond tan. The shelf near the bathtub and the overhead cabinets were finished in clinical white semi-gloss for easy cleaning.

All things considered, the project was completed more quickly than anticipated. Having the bathroom painted in my favorite colors is a major improvement over the outdated, 1980s beige and tan. The next project will be to repaint the small storage space with the leftover bathroom paints.


The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes television actor, Joe Lando. “I would love to get a place out in the country and spend my idle time just remodeling and planting seeds and watching them grow.”

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9 Responses to The Bathroom Is Finished

  1. Morning. You’ve got many skills!

  2. I love orange but never thought about a bathroom in that colour. Looks warm and really professional. And fresh! ❤️👍

  3. Jeff Flesch says:

    I love that color. Beautiful.

  4. Congratulations! Your work looks great – very professional. 😄

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