One of the most helpful attributes we can develop is focus. The person who has her/his mind made up make sure that nothing will get in the way. Such people use their intellectual and physical prowess to achieve their goals. Unfortunately, there is a tendency in some of us to be over eager to complete specific goals. This may include cutting corners and hurrying to finish the job.

Such hurried thinking and acting means that we can overlook issues and problems that could cause unintended consequences and scenarios that get in our way. At other times, we become involved in other projects that end up being dead-ends or just distractions that are not aligned with our overall goals. This means we are overflowing with energy but have not focused and channeled our motivation. We feel frustrated, impatient, and eager to do something–anything even if we are not fully prepared.

This is the time to pause and put on our thinking caps. We need to consider how to effectively use our energy. After all, the scattered thinking and impulsive decisions are more harmful to ourselves and others. The constant, unfocused activity is confusing and frustrates others; making teamwork difficult or impossible. The restlessness impedes the way to success. A good dose of mental discipline is necessary in order to get back on track.

The judicious use of a rest-break can help us reassess the situation and consider better techniques. This pause also minimizes the risk of burn-out and exhaustion so we are less prone to giving up. When we are filled with energy, it is wise to pace ourselves. This allows us to apply consistent effort. Grounding ourselves in this manner gives us the ability to concentrate our thoughts onto priorities.

There are times when even these practices have limitations. Perhaps a lack of experience, immature leadership, or bad timing interfere with fulfillment. The energy is present but we must find alternative ways to bleed it off so as to avoid rash actions. Again, a time-out to pause and ground oneself with discernment and patience will work wonders.

If the lack of experience is our own limitation, we may need to go it alone for awhile to learn and experience lessons. We can stop and evaluate our mistakes caused by restlessness and impatience. We will certainly screw up again, but we don’t need to be harsh on ourselves. We can adopt the philosophy of successful people that it is best to own our mistakes and learn from them.

We all feel restless from time to time, that’s just being human. We do ourselves a favor by learning to be proactive and forward thinking. We temper this attitude with considering the overall effects on people and other environmental factors. By harnessing our restlessness we are better able to create harmonious, joyful lives.


The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes Swedish film and television director, Johan Renck. “I’ve never been a frustrated person because I learnt at a very young age that the frustration I had inside of me had to do with creativity and the ability to transform that into action. I realized very early my restlessness had to be channeled into things I could do.”

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