Pot Pies

I had not seen one of my acquaintances, Sonia in over a year–since the beginning of the pandemic. She is a college mathematics instructor of proud Cuban descent. Sonia is an outrageously delightful person who is seemingly unafraid of any situation and anyone. Yesterday, she was at the Goodwill Store searching for vases to decorate her home.

One relevant factoid about Sonia is that she is the only person I know who drives a Holden automobile–a Holden Commodore SS. It was an anniversary gift from her husband. He specially ordered the car with left-hand drive directly from Australia three years ago. Running into Sonia seemed coincidental because of yesterday’s blog mention of the Holden Motor Company. I told Sonia about that and she laughingly quipped that we must have a psychic connection. Sonia was being facetious because she is a skeptic about such matters.

While we waited in line to pay for our purchases, Sonia mentioned that she hoped the wait would be short because her oven was baking two large pot pies for her family’s lunch. Although she owns a programmable range, she wanted to get home as soon as possible so the oven wouldn’t go through too many warming cycles.

I asked Sonia what type of pot pies she was baking. She quickly said “Pastel de Pollo Cubano”. The Cuban pies are different from conventional pot pies in that the filling does not consist of carrots, celery, and cream. Also, the crust is more fluffy and tender. Sonia’s turn at the check out came up. She paid for two glass vases, wished me goodbye, then dashed out the door.

As I drove home, the craving for a pot pie–any pot pie–lingered in my mind. On the off-chance that Hy-Vee sold Cuban style pot pies, I stopped at the supermarket. They did not sell them, so I settled for a frozen veggie pot pie instead.

During my lunch, I savored the commercially manufactured pie and pondered the impromptu meeting with Sonia. The mathematician who drives a flashy Holden and bakes exotic pot pies.


The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes chef, food writer and restaurateur, Yotam Ottolenghi. “The differences between a tart, a pie and a quiche are a blur.”

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4 Responses to Pot Pies

  1. It is cool about people in that they don’t always fit into neatly expected boxes. Like your mathematician friend with her cool car and tasty pot pies

  2. Banquet and Swanson pot pies were my favorites as a kid. The Cuban version would definitely be worth a try.

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