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Pot Pies

I had not seen one of my acquaintances, Sonia in over a year–since the beginning of the pandemic. She is a college mathematics instructor of proud Cuban descent. Sonia is an outrageously delightful person who is seemingly unafraid of any … Continue reading

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September Equinox Again

Today I selected a photo of an Equinox driving through a lovely setting in New Zealand to illustrate the blog. This is to commemorate the September equinox and to represent change. The particular vehicle was manufactured by Holden largely for … Continue reading

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Nearly all of us have been taught to never kill or hurt life, threaten health, steal possessions, or limit liberty. Doing any or all of these is harmful. Yet humans regularly do harm others either by themselves or by proxy. … Continue reading

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Three Radios

Yesterday I mentioned several interests that I want to further explore and develop. One of them is to utilize features of an older Sony camera I have not exploited. Today, I share three examples of the beginning of that investigation. … Continue reading

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The shift from oppressive hot summer days towards milder, cooler days of mid September has worked wonders for my attitude and moods. The mind has conjured up urges to do enjoyable activities again. I want to finish some long-neglected yard … Continue reading

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The Protagonists

While chatting with my friend Jonathan earlier this week, the topic of subjectivity came up. Specifically people’s inner lives and how they see themselves engaging in the world. Jonathan described how he has envisioned himself as a professional basketball player. … Continue reading

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Contemporary Stylings …Floral Friday

All three of today’s Floral Friday projects are both contemporary and impulsive. I wanted to express a modern flair with contemporary vases. The projects needed to arise at the spur of the moment. They were assembled while music from Jean-Michel … Continue reading

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