A Sound Dream

I wish my Galaxy smart watch could pinpoint when I go into REM sleep and when non-REM sleep occurs during the night. There are times when my dreams are particularly peculiar; so out of curiosity, I’d like to know when these sleep cycles happen–not only the duration of them.

Last night/early this morning for instance I dreamed a brief dream primarily of sounds but there were only two brief visual images. The first noise was of a sonic boom. The second was the ringing of the bell of my old telephone. Both sounds were startling to the point of nearly awakening me–but not quite. To my memory, I don’t remember ever experiencing a dream that is primarily auditory. It was so vivid that I became obsessed with it upon awakening later this morning.

I figured the sonic boom sound might have been a branch that fell onto the roof. I walked outdoors with a flashlight to examine the yard and the roof. The yard was clear and so was the roof. Perhaps my mind misinterpreted the noise of a noisy vehicle passing by or did a supersonic jet actually overfly the town?

The telephone bell is more puzzling. The phone in question has been packed away. Also, I had disconnected the bell from the circuitry long ago. The modern phones in the house have distinctive chirping tones and my mobile is set only on vibrate. There were no messages nor voicemail messages on any of them this morning.

I’m of the mindset that the brain incorporates imaginary sounds during sleep that may or not be interpreted differently than it does during the waking state. In that case what I dream-heard may have been sounds of things that were completely unrelated to what they really were. Was the sonic boom an HVAC duct contracting? Was the phone bell the hoot owl that sometimes roosts nearby?

I don’t have any definitive answers to these questions. I just wanted to mention the auditory-only dream because it was so out of the ordinary. There is also the off-chance that readers of this blog have experienced something similar.


The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes American public radio personality, Ira Glass. “In radio, you have two tools. Sound and silence.”

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8 Responses to A Sound Dream

  1. Very interesting because it makes me realize that I haven’t had acoustic phenomenons in my dreams for a long time, but I had them when I was younger. At that time I also managed to consciously control my dreams quite a few times and this is how it happened:

    For a long time I had dealt very intensively with surrealism in literature and art and, of course, with Freud, so I attached great importance to the dream.

    Then I read the book “Les vases communicants” by André Breton (the ultimate surrealism pope), published in 1932, in which he describes the following phenomenon: He fell in love with a lady while dancing, yes, was mentally obsessed with her. When he played this dance music on the gramophone before going to sleep, he dreamed of this beloved one.

    I then played around with similar ideas for a long time and subsequently produced highly unusual dreams. I am not up to date with dream research, but I think there are aspects that cannot be explained in a conventional way.

  2. Alien Resort says:

    Reminds me of Twilight Zone “Night Call”.

  3. Yes, dreams are a fascinating thing! Freud’s dream interpretation is probably out of date from today’s point of view, but at that time, as Freud asked for, I wrote down my dreams as soon as I woke up. And then something completely unexpected happened. Previously it was mostly just incoherent scraps of dreams, the dreams became more and more structured and finally I had dreams with a framework, a logical structure up to dreams that could have been used as a story for a novel or film.

    • swabby429 says:

      I keep a notepad and pencil on the nightstand exactly for this purpose. I did not do it at the urging of Freud, at least not directly. I began jotting down dream content back when I was caught up in the New Age spirituality movement. Outlining dreams upon awakening is one of the few practices that stayed with me.

  4. If I’ve learned anything since I started blogging, it’s that there are many more people who tick and act like me than I ever thought 🙂

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