Simply Sandwiches

“Mommy, what in the heck is that!” I reflexively looked towards the table next to me at the supermarket cafeteria. A four or five year old girl was pointing towards her mother’s luncheon plate. I overheard the mom identify the club sandwich.

I then turned my face back towards my friend Jorge who was trying his best to suppress a laugh. This triggered my own laugh response. Both of us made fake throat-clearing noises in our attempts to avoid bursting into uproarious laughter. Jorge then said that the girl’s question was the cutest thing he’s heard all week. Soon, my friend and I tucked into the remainder of our mid-day meal.

This morning, I remembered yesterday’s charming scenario and contemplated the various types of sandwiches that might exist in the world. One of my cousins loves onion and alfalfa sprouts on rye bread. She spreads a generous portion of mustard on each bread slice before adding the main ingredients. I’ve tried this recipe and determined it’s not for me. Oh well, different strokes for different folks.

My friend Thomas is a big fan of taverns or Sloppy Joes. He usually orders two of them whenever we have lunch together. He often orders a side of coleslaw to accompany his sandwiches.

Meanwhile, Jorge and I love grilled cheese sandwiches. They are our default sandwiches if we want a quick meal together. We usually order soup to accompany the sandwiches. Sometimes for a chilly day lunch I assemble cheese and bread slices at home. I spread butter on the outside of the bread then toast them inside of a sandwich grill. My grill is a “Sunbeam” convertible with two sets of interchangeable iron plates; one pair for waffles and the other pair for sandwiches.

Occasionally I like to prepare some whole grain waffles as substitutes for bread slices. A guilty pleasure is to spread peanut butter between two piping hot waffle squares. The peanut butter becomes near liquid between the hot squares, so the sandwich must be eaten with a fork and knife. A breakfast favorite is to place a fried egg between two freshly baked waffles. Sometimes I include a slice of cheese beneath the egg, but usually the egg alone suffices. If I’m feeling decadent, I pour a thin layer of bottled Asian “Yum Yum Sauce” on top. Our supermarket sells it in the condiments aisle.

Like many folks, I have fairly pedestrian tastes. A favorite, easy, go-to sandwich is made with crunchy peanut butter and jelly. I prefer whole wheat with a generous portion of peanut butter and only a very thin smear of jelly. If I’m feeling adventurous, I substitute sourdough bread in place of the whole wheat. In fact, there happens to be some leftover sourdough bread in the kitchen. I’ll use some of it for today’s mid-morning snack.


The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes Hindi film actress, Bhumi Pednekar. “Hummus has been my saviour. I’ve used it in every form: on sandwiches, rotis, with veggies and meat.”

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3 Responses to Simply Sandwiches

  1. My favorite peanut butter is Skippy’s creamy natural variety. This morning I made a sandwich with the Skippy, adding some fresh blueberries and thin slices of pear instead of jelly or preserves. Delicious.

  2. swabby429 says:

    Yum, fresh blueberries. That would be amazing.

  3. Jeff Flesch says:

    This is a great post, Jay. Grilled cheese is a must; and PB with waffles is the best. Delicious.

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