Time To Renew

Considering the holiday season and year-end catching up, this time of year is rather hectic for a great many folks. It’s easy to forget to take the time for contemplation, and personal rest, because we feel so rushed. Failing to do so, it’s easy to become depleted and impatient.

The need, not want, for renewal is present. We can take a few moments and enjoy a casual walk in the park, some quality time with a pet, a warm bath, formal meditation, or whatever works to help nurture the inner self and peace of mind. If you have a special ritual or practice that works for you, now is the time for it.

In today’s world, it’s common to become disengaged and disillusioned with aspects of life such as hobbies, personal projects, relationships, work, and so forth. What was once started enthusiastically, now feels bland or overwhelming. You wish you could jumpstart the excitement you once felt about the life choice.

We’ve known all along that life pitches curveballs, but why today? Who needs that right now? The thing we forget is that everyday is like the championship playoffs in the world series of life. If we want to achieve a good showing, it’s best to keep the lesson of the moment in mind. We don’t have to be baseball players, entrepreneurs, or celebrities. Often times, it’s just that we wish to live a good, meaningful life. There is the desire to want to share our blessings and benefit others while enhancing our own well-being.

It might be that one needs to pause for awhile and open our minds to ways to simplify our lives to enhance our personal growth. Maybe it’s more along the lines of stilling the monkey minds that chatter and scold us from inside of our heads.

By taking a mindful break in the action we rediscover our inner essence and who we really are, underneath the layers of self-perception. Knowing that we’ve endured many challenges, we understand that we’ve been temporarily hindered in our journey down our life paths. By taking time to practice whatever recharges us, we regain our sense of balance and focus. We find a new appreciation for who we actually are.

How can we know how strong we are unless we look within to recapture our hidden strengths? In times of need, we humans have the capacity to survive and thrive. It is through giving ourselves time to refresh and renew that we find the way to break through existential difficulty. The liberation and renewal have been within us all along. Sometimes all we need to do is to take some deep breaths and appreciate life.


The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes the Canadian writer of the book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, Robin S. Sharma. “Top athletes understand that to play at their best, they must alternate periods of intense performance with periods of strategic renewal.”

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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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