Groupings …Floral Friday

I helped my across the street neighbor re-hang a cluster of his family’s portraits among a few mementoes his grandchildren gave him throughout the past few years. My job was to drill holes and insert anchor bolts into the dining room wall and then help align the pictures and tchotchkes. The project was completed to his satisfaction, then I walked across the street to return home.

The small errand inspired me to create a few groupings to share with my readers as this week’s Floral Friday projects. The groupings were great fun to assemble.

I filled a medium size Kanawha crackle-glass pitcher-vase with Pacific Ocean beach sand. Three funky Gerbera daisies compliment the blue vase. Two sea stars complete the oceanside idea.

The groovy 1970s manifest with two of that decade’s artifacts: the McCoy cone-vase and the Westclox electric alarm clock. Flower power is provided by echinacea blooms and a sunflower. The wheat stem had earlier blown into the yard during a severe windstorm, so I included it as a salute to survivability.

The three varnished brass vases are usually displayed empty on a shelf. Why not fill the shortest one with an hydrangea cluster? So that’s what I did. The light green flowers add just the right touch.


The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes activist, filmmaker, philosopher, teacher, and writer, Susan Sontag. “Today everything exists to end in a photograph.”

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2 Responses to Groupings …Floral Friday

  1. Jeff Flesch says:

    All lovely. The green is stunning.

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