Glassy …Floral Friday

For the final Floral Friday of 2021 I wanted to utilize three of my current favorite glass containers. So, the cobwebs were removed; the containers were soaked; and finally were polished dry with a microfiber cloth.

The fire-orange Blenko bottle received first dibs. Beach sand was poured in as the mechanical stabilizer. Then a weathered elm twig came into play as the armature to brace the arrangement.

A golden spray of small flowers completes a swung vase by an unknown glassworks company. The warm tones add visual warmth to the chilly year-end climate.

A contemporary variation of the chemistry flask displays a rich, red magnolia solitaire.

Have a safe and happy New Years.

The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes ancient Athenian orator and statesman, Demosthenes. “As a vessel is known by the sound, whether it be cracked or not; so men are proved, by their speeches, whether they be wise or foolish.”

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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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16 Responses to Glassy …Floral Friday

  1. Americaoncoffee says:

    Very nice! Best wishes for the new year. Sending love and big hugs to you!β€οΈπŸ””πŸƒπŸ’πŸ””πŸŽΆ

  2. Here’s to a healthy and productive 2022. Happy New Year!

  3. Happy New Year and best wishes for 2022!πŸŽ†πŸŽ‰πŸ§¨

  4. Jeff Flesch says:

    Beautiful, all. The blue against the orange is stunning. Happy New Year, Jay.

  5. I like the twisted spray, lovely! πŸ™πŸ’

  6. rkrontheroad says:

    The orange spray and the delicate twisted vase it’s in are lovely.

  7. swabby429 says:

    Thank you. They all came together almost naturally.

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