New Beginnings

Here we go again! The beginning day of yet another orbit around our star. Thank goodness we made it through the last orbital cycle in reasonably good condition. At the purely mundane level, we begin another fiscal year, another business year, perhaps we begin a weight-loss diet, or an exercise regime. I always have to become accustomed to writing and typing the numerical name of the new year. In fact, the rough draft of this blog post will be filed away in a 2022 folder on a thumbdrive.

It is wise to remember that each January first represents a new beginning. Many of those self-help quotes about living in the present are once again brought to our attention. So although our minds can approximately recall recent past events of 2021, it is best to be mindful about the present moment. It’s also smart to plan for the rest of today and the 364 other days ahead of us, because each day is also a new beginning unto itself.

Yes, we need to let go of last year; however, we must not forget the hard-learned lessons from events and our mistakes. We hope to use those lessons as mortar to bind the building blocks of our future lives. They cement in place our intent, which enables us to continue to build the best versions of ourselves. Although this might seem like a trite meandering, sometimes the simple, time-worn quotes from our ancestors contain profound wisdom.

Each human being is given the opportunities to embark on new chapters of her/his life. One can aim for something just beyond simple attainment. It gladdens the heart to attempt something that we have never done before now. Perhaps with mindful, sincere effort and some measure of good luck we will succeed. Even if success seems far away or doesn’t occur, at least one can take honorable comfort in the knowledge that we put in the best effort and had the courage to make the attempt. This is how to avoid regrets.

Our biographies are written one chapter at a time. Each chapter has a beginning and an end. We hope for as graceful of a new beginning as personally possible. As we compose each chapter, we affirm our creativity and faith in oneself. Thus, we are more able to think and perform compassionately towards oneself and others. In this manner, we can more happily transition into each successive, new chapter.

We sometimes feel the tug of resistance to change because a part of us fears that we are taking the first steps towards disaster or existential danger. It’s seldom easy to honestly examine our most deeply held beliefs. However, a frank assessment can provide the keys to personal liberation and joy. It’s up to each of us, at the right time, to thoughtfully accept each new beginning.


The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes Ancient Roman dramatist, philosopher, and statesman, Lucius Annaeus Seneca. “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

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6 Responses to New Beginnings

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  2. Best wishes for the new year. Being objective about oneself is difficult, but we try. I’m glad I no longer write checks. It used to take me a month or so before I’d use the new year instead of the old one.😄

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