Clearing Off The Desk

“It’s pointless to have a nice clean desk, because it means you’re not doing anything.”–Michio Kaku

Dr. Kaku’s quip is one of my favorite sayings about the subject of desks. I sometimes remember it when my desk becomes cluttered but I still feel too lazy to clear it. A couple of weekends ago, I searched high and low for a Post It Note that contained the landline phone number of a new acquaintance. She does not own a mobile phone, so I had jotted the number down–intending to file it in my Rolodex later.

During the search, I decided to clean off the entire desk top because the surface needed to be dusted anyway. A few minutes into the clearing process, I discovered the missing phone number, then promptly copied it onto a Rolodex card.

Then I removed everything else from the top of the desk. There were several receipts to file away, a couple of gadgets to return to their proper places inside of a cabinet, and a few wristwatches went back to the bedroom. After these were accomplished, I dusted and polished the vintage wood veneer surface.

“One sits the whole day at the desk and appetite is standing next to me. ‘Away with you’, I say. But Comrade Appetite does not budge from the spot.”–Leonid Brezhnev

Soon afterwards the lamp, the mug of pens, the weather monitoring device, and my laptops were put back in place. The desk will hopefully look spic and span for awhile longer as I try to be more mindful of workspace clutter.

I mention this mundane little escapade now because today is “National Clear off Your Desk Day”. The idea behind this unofficial holiday is to begin the year with a clean, organized workspace so as to enable more efficiency and productivity. Also, a clean space is a more serene place.

Meantime, this short post is finished; that means it’s time to refill the empty coffee mug that is parked on my desk.


The Blue Jay of Happiness likes this quote from essayist, novelist, and short story writer, Haruki Murakami. “I get up early in the morning, 4 o’clock, and I sit at my desk and what I do is just dream. After three or four hours, that’s enough….”

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11 Responses to Clearing Off The Desk

  1. A workplace area in our house was very messy for years. A few months ago we tossed out a bunch of stuff that was on it and organized other stuff. The area’s not perfect, but it’s looking a whole lot better now. Okay, it’s time for my third cup of coffee this morning. Bye!

  2. Mine is messy. If I move something it doesn’t get done. I still am on heavy duty drugs from Len’s health needs, and passing. Also have brain fog from Covid.

  3. Einstein (I think it was him) said “If a tidy desk means a tidy mind, what does an empty desk mean?” Apparently his desk was a constant mess, but I don’t have the genius to be able to think or do anything with any kind of distraction in my work space!

  4. I love that opening quote. It gives me hope because my desk looks like it was mauled by a hurricane! I enjoyed your post.

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