One of the hazards of living in a part of the Earth that manifests wintry weather conditions is icy surfaces. It’s not that I had forgotten this fact nor was I careless. However I slipped and fell backwards while sweeping snow from a sloped, ice-coated portion of the sidewalk the other day. The landing was rather ungraceful and caused intense pain.

After struggling to return to my feet, I managed to grit through the sharp sensations. I dusted the snow off of myself and called ahead to the urgent care clinic to announce that I needed to come in to assess the probability of injuries. They requested that I come in as soon as possible.

At the clinic, the physician carefully examined my back and spine. He did not find any breakage, nor other serious injury. He determined that I had pulled a large flexor muscle. He advised me to take an over the counter analgesic and to baby the injured muscle. With careful movement and stretching, the muscle will heal on its own accord. If there are further concerns, I am to consult the clinic again for another examination and possible recommendations for theraputic treatment. Otherwise, he determined that I am good to go.

Now that I’m back home, I take one ibuprofin tablet every six hours–if needed. I also apply a heat pack to relax the muscle whenever the muscle become tense. I’m able to perform mundane tasks, only more slowly. The same slowness especially applies to the act of walking.

While seated in my comfortable swivel chair at my desk, I reflect upon the process of healing and recuperation. Like everyone else has experienced, from time to time, I’ve had to recover from minor illnesses and injury. We are either advised or required to set aside our busy schedules and pause to allow our bodies to heal and recover our regular energy levels.

There are medical explanations for the process of healing that I don’t understand. Fortunately we have evolved many ways to repair damaged and diseased tissue that work quite well if we slow down and allow the body’s resources to repair what’s gone wrong. Thankfully, we have doctors, nurses, and other licensed professionals to assist in the healing processes.

I’m thankful that our town has a clinic that specializes in treating minor medical emergencies. I’ve utilized the clinic’s services three times over the past several years. The staff is dependable, competent, and courteous. I fully trust their work and advice.

Since I must refrain from heavy lifting and otherwise remain relatively inactive, now is a good time to clear the mind of cluttered thinking and stressful thoughts. It’s a perfect opportunity to practice longer formal meditation and contemplation. I am also catching up on reading that has been previously placed on hold.

Since we are in the first month of the year, this is a good opportunity to revisit and review the philosophical premise of my life’s journey so far. I’m taking notes for my daily diary so as to better evaluate how the journey is progressing.

Sometimes, I get restless and eager to do everything as soon as possible. The minor sidewalk incident is a symptom of that attitude. I need to remind myself that my long list of projects and tasks will be finished more satisfactorily if I don’t try to multi-task. Even the most mundane, simple tasks are meaningful when they are performed with mindfulness and careful attention.

Although the sidewalk incident has caused physical pain that I’d rather not experience, the aftermath has had a silver lining. While the flexor muscle heals, I feel motivated and inspired to continue my creative journey. Even so-called, minor injuries can point the way to mental and spiritual freedom.


The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes author, humorist, lecturer, and publisher, Mark Twain. “Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear–not absence of fear.”

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13 Responses to Healing

  1. Hi. I’m glad you weren’t hurt badly. I have a cousin who recently had a similar incident. He slipped on black ice and had a bad fall. Like you, nothing serious resulted. Fortunately.

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  3. bloom|time says:

    I’m glad it wasn’t more serious. Your attitude is admirable… wishing you successful healing.

  4. mandala56 says:

    So glad you will heal normally and that you have the thoughtful approach that you do. In retirement, my many projects all seem to pull on me at once, and your reminder to slow down is helpful.

  5. Hope your back feels better soon. Keep up your positive attitude😊 Maggie

  6. Herb says:

    I’m glad you were not more seriously injured. People laugh at cartoons and videos of people slipping on ice but in reality, it’s no joke.

  7. As you pointed out, the accident had a silver lining. It gave you the perfect opportunity to get to other projects and tasks. Falls are serious hazards as we age.

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