Tropical Collection …Floral Friday

There was a flower sale at the local market that I couldn’t resist. I bought the second to the last dozen calla lilies for half price. Who could resist? Anyway, I haven’t used that variety since last summer. Since the flowers needed prompt care, I decided to complete this week’s projects on Monday and then have the Friday blog post auto-publish.

The clear, tall, cone vase could only realistically contain nine flowers and three leaf stems. The three leaf accents were placed at the back and the nine flowers took the forward positions. The completed arrangement is 79-cm or 31-inches tall.

I also picked up the last two anthurium stems. For the second project I paired one of the flowers with a broadleaf green plant. The ensemble was placed inside of a repurposed candle holder.

The third project uses the remaining anthurium plus three, deep-purple mums. They’re arranged inside of a department store glass vase with an indigo exterior and a white interior.


The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes Sigmund Freud. “Flowers are restful to look at. They have neither emotions nor conflicts.”

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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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3 Responses to Tropical Collection …Floral Friday

  1. wjwingrove97 says:

    i luv flowers ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  2. bloom|time says:

    Tropicals warm my heart in subzero weather!

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