The Pakistani villagers in the video seemed so pure and delightful that I couldn’t help but smile and laugh with them. The first video of them I encountered was titled, “Tribal People Try Apple Pie”. The villagers’ reactions were charming, quaint, and funny all at once. Naturally, I felt compelled to watch more videos from that channel.

Later, I realized that my laughter had the feel of genuine wholesomeness. I remembered that delight and joy are universal across all cultures in the world. The videos about tribal people trying apple pie or cheesecake or spaghetti for the first time are important because they communicate the message, that despite the fact that we have different backgrounds, we all share many wonderful qualities. I especially like the fact that the videos destroy stereotypes with simple, clean humor; and that’s a beautiful thing.

“From quiet homes and first beginning, out to the undiscovered ends, there’s nothing worth the wear of winning, but laughter and the love of friends.”– historian, satirist, and writer, Hilaire Belloc

Some of my most precious memories are those that include family and friends gathered informally together sharing stories and bad jokes. These happy memories make me feel grateful to have had these people in my life. Each of them, in their own ways, helped me to grow and expand. The joy and laughter were added bonuses that made the memories extra special.

In this angry world, filled to the brim with conspiracy theories and resentments, people suffer with destructive thoughts, ridicule, clenched teeth, tense muscles, forced smiles, and headaches. It’s smart to let go of trying to control others and ill-will. Letting go allows lightness of being, happiness, and pure laughter back into one’s life.

Another beautiful thing about laughter, is that it is a vital component of healthy relationships. When one reaches the point that he thinks his partner is a dolt then realizes the partner is a delightfully complex, lovable fool, then one is on the right track. When both partners can laugh about this opinion that they mutually share about each other, then daily life becomes a little happier. Laughter gets us through the inevitable rough places in a relationship.

I believe that it’s important to discover something of joy and something pure that will make me giggle and laugh. Funny things inspire the desire to continue the struggles of life.


The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes Ukrainian-American comedian, Yakov Smirnoff. “I believe there is a direct correlation between love and laughter.”

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  1. I haven’t heard of these videos, I’ll have to look for them, it’s always good to laugh 😉 Maggie

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