The subject of space aliens popped up in conversation with my Cuban friend Nelson recently. He had watched the old sci-fi movie “Forbidden Planet” on Netflix the night before. He raved on and on about how campy and cool the effects were. Nelson explained that a team of Outer Space explorers was on a mission to find a scientist who worked on some sort of special experimental project. Everything, including the pink monster creature were mid-century clichés.

In his excitement, Nelson mentioned that when he lived in Florida, he believed in extraterrestrials. He lived near the Everglades so he had witnessed a lot of mysterious phenomenon. He later discovered that most of what he had seen were marsh gas lights. Others were aircraft seen from a distance. He said his earlier perceptions had been influenced by his need to believe space aliens are visiting Earth.

I mentioned off-hand that I had also witnessed some baffling sights that appeared to be interstellar crafts of some sort. These “sightings” had only occurred when I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area around San Jose. After reading numerous topical books and articles, I concluded that some of the “stellar vehicles” may have had something to do with the fact that I lived near Moffett Field near Sunnyvale. There has been a lot of ongoing, secretive military and civilian aviation activity there for many years. Again, I chalked up my belief in space beings because I deeply wanted them to really exist.

While both Nelson and I admit that the Universe is practically endless and that there is a good chance that there are probably advanced civilizations “out there”; we are both skeptical that they are visiting us.

Nelson brought up an intriguing point. He believes that a great many people have self-hatred of our species. He mentioned mankind’s shortcomings like how we deliberately kill each other in wars and individual murders. People engage in self-destructive behaviors like alcoholism, drug addiction, and other bad habits. Many people prefer the company of pets over that from other humans. Such uneasy existential longings help lead us into the desire to believe extraterrestrial beings are “aiding” civilization towards some sort of etherial, “higher” purpose.

On the other hand, Nelson said he used to believe the aliens have malevolent plans for our planet. If aliens have the superior technology required for interstellar travel, they would have no fear of our inferior technology. They would simply swoop in and swiftly take over in a similar manner that historical human conquerors have subdued aboriginal people around the world. They killed off many of the native populations so as to colonize places everywhere they went.

I agreed, and wondered why beings would bother traveling many light-years within our galaxy or even further if they originated in another galaxy? Do they merely want to freak out airplane pilots or appear as apparitions to isolated individuals? They seem to have gone to a lot of bother and spent a lot of time to merely be story fodder for “The Weekly World News” and the “National Enquirer”. Nelson interjected that many of the stories could be egotistical exercises of attention-seekers. Perhaps wishful cognitive dissonance is another explanation.

Certainly, there is some serious investigation into the subject of extraterrestrials. We have spent millions of dollars on technology in the search. There is SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence). Bona fide astronomers and other legitimate researchers have dedicated their careers and lives to this effort. They have experienced some “nibbles”, but nothing truly significant. While some people believe SETI is an enormous waste of the public’s dollars, I am not opposed to such investigations. If there are some beings whose destination is Earth, we should have forewarnings of their presence. More than likely, they have malevolent motivations for their visit.

That said, there are thousands of UFO true believers who would swear on a stack of Bibles that they have witnessed arcane sightings of alien-looking, flying vehicles. They accuse scientists and skeptics of failing to take their beliefs seriously. Then again, such accusations can be countered by the amount of time and effort have been expended on programs like SETI. Such mentions often bring up accusations that the government and the military are covering up the evidence.

Nelson reflected that it would be cool if there were actual “rainbows and unicorns” types of extraterrestrial or interdimensional beings. Humanity is in a world of hurt right now and we urgently need direct, immediate intervention to help save us from ourselves.

ET, if you’re out there reading this blog, log in and offer your comments. The world, including Nelson and me, want to know if help is on the way.


The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes the senior astronomer for the SETI Institute, Seth Shostak. “Each year, thousands of UFOs are sighted and reported, which is an impressive tally of unidentified aerial phenomena. Surveys show that roughly one-third of the populace believes that at least some of this sky show is due to extraterrestrial spacecraft, here to probe our airspace and, when that proves boring, our bodies.”

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7 Responses to Extraterrestrials

  1. Forbidden Planet is an amazing sci-fi movie for 1956! The outstanding cast includes Leslie Nielsen, Walter Pigeon, Anne Francis and Robbie The Robot. In college I went to a guest lecture by Carl Sagan. After the lecture I asked Sagan about the plaque on the Voyager spacecraft that pinpointed Earth’s location. I had the same concerns about aliens potentially with less than honorable intentions. Sagan said that TV signals have been traveling from Earth at the speed of light. Those signals, while fading with time and distance, would likely reveal Earth’s location and civilization to aliens. I didn’t think of it at the time, but TV signals would make the Voyager plaques and alien visits useless. Aliens would know all about us from I Love Lucy et al. On the other hand, maybe the plaques were intended to make up for TV and show aliens our good side.

  2. One thing that’s for sure is that some amount of people will believe/do believe just about anything, even when the evidence for their beliefs is flimsy or nonexistent. Billions of people believe in an invisible deity, for instance.

  3. dolphinwrite says:

    For fun, let’s say there was intelligent life on another planet, that we found ways to communicate, and over time, found ways to visit. What then? We’d eventually have to go back to figuring out our own lives after the distractions are over. We live here: now.

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