The Memory Foam Wedges

I wanted to enjoy and like the product. I really did, because it cost $200. My physician suggested the product to help alleviate minor discomfort due to a sleep disorder so I purchased it on line. However, it was unsuitable for the main reason I bought it. The “Luxe Casa” 4-piece wedge pillow set is now a big thing that is hogging too many cubic feet of my precious, small space.

During the first night of use, I could not fall asleep as quickly as usual. Later on, my body had shifted down the slope of the main wedge. Worse, my left calf had come to rest on the peak of the leg wedge which triggered intense charley horse pain. So upon the swift awakening, I found myself twisted like a pretzel. After composing myself, I removed the wedges from the bed and replaced them with my standard pillows.

I wanted to give the wedges a second chance, so the next night, I lowered the alignment of the main wedge and did not use the dreaded leg wedge. That night went fitfully and poorly. The “Goodnight” app on my Galaxy Watch showed that I had only received three hours of light sleep. There were no indications of deep nor REM sleeps. I compared the sleep to the two painful, restless nights when I slept on the hard, top bunk in third class rail coach from Mumbai to Mangalore and back. During those two nights, I had to use my knapsack as a pillow while resting my body on the hard vinyl bunk covering. I do not recommend such sleeping arrangements.

The next day, I was all set to fire off a nasty email to the company, but I held off. After all, it’s best to be calm and rational when dealing with others. I decided to wait a day, then tap out this short personal review.

For the time being, I decided to try the wedges on the sofa in the living room for naptime. They were OK for short-term dozing, but not as good as using a standard pillow. The following day, I placed them on the sofa in the den/music room so they could be used when listening to music. At least they’re out of the way and won’t clutter up the living room.

The three wedges are constructed out of very firm memory foam. The narrow pillow attachment is a softer variety of memory foam so as to provide more comfortable support for the head or neck. All four pieces are inside of zippered, hand-washable, microfiber covers. The microfiber is another one of my gripes. I do not like the feel of microfiber against my skin. I also wonder if the slender zippers are sturdy enough for frequent use.

The set also comes with a large plastic bag that can shrink-fit around the assortment with the use of a vacuum cleaner’s suction. I suspect that I’ll put the wedges in storage sooner rather than later. I may simply give the set away to someone who needs extra-firm memory foam support and doesn’t feel creeped out by microfiber fabric.

If you are considering support cushions such as these, take your time to consider all available options. Perhaps the “Luxe Casa” or similar set, is suitable for your needs, or perhaps not.


The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes 20th century composer and pianist, Vladimir Horowitz. “Scriabin slept with Chopin under his pillow, and I slept with Wagner under mine. I could not concentrate on memorizing Bach fugues, but I had all of ‘Gotterdammerung’ in my fingers.”

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6 Responses to The Memory Foam Wedges

  1. You should incorporate them into a modern art assemblage that you can put in the middle of your living room!

  2. I have not investigated sleep wedges. However they seem to be unsuited to side sleepers such as myself or people who change positions when sleeping.

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